Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been having a hard time posting lately. Not that I don't feel like it, I'm just tired of hearing myself talk. Talk, type whatever. You ever get like that? I've been thinking about it a bit lately and I find myself just wanting to be quiet and listen. I guess it's part of getting older and maybe more mature. I sure wish I knew this or thought these things say about 20 years ago. Better late then never I suppose. I don't mind getting older. I seem (to me at least) to be happier as I get older. I have more patience with people. It's easier to see others opinions and opposing views. I'm appreciating things more then I did when I was younger. Nothing deep or moving here, just thoughts. I guess the best part for me in learning and having these 'skills' (?) is that it's balanced by still feeling like a kid. Still loving to play and be silly. I've said it before (and I'll say it again) I don't think you really ever grow up when your not a parent.


It's all goat, all the time here lately. I feel sorry for the little thing and seem to be the only one who thinks they should be left alone as much as possible and not handled. Hard to do when everyone and their brother wants to come by and hold the cute baby. I say my piece and just stand back and keep out of the way.

Feedings are nearly every hour when were at home, every two when were not. Jay stops by the house during the day while were at work. Momma really seems to have all the mothering instincts down except for the nursing. Nursing now consists of Jay hold Belle immobile while Lolli or I keep the little one on her teet, getting as much milk as quickly as she can. The Vet says to keep at it and eventually Momma will relent and let baby feed on her own. Hard to believe it's only day 3.

Today baby started to show some real activity. Chasing after Momma in the paddock yard and trying to do an unassisted launches off the ground. She jumps straight up in the air, testing her legs I suppose. It's hysterical to watch. No real name yet but Lolli & Jay have taken to calling her Moon-xxx - Moon-whatever strikes them at the moment. This comes from the light marking on her nose which at first resembled a star but has grown into a half moon - We'll see, I think we should get to know her personality a little better before we name her.

I'd post more pics but Mr. Man dropped my (new) camera in the goat barn and it no longer works. He say he bought the insurance for it when he bought it a Christmas but where the receipt might be is any ones guess.

Hope your all doing good -


Monday, March 9, 2009

Ma Belle

I know I haven't posted in a week - Lots to tell but right now we're busy with this little girl.

Belle went into labor yesterday. Jay delivered her first this morning, unfortunately breech and still born. He got her to the Vet. who was able to save one of the two remaining kids. Belle's a bit traumatised, as you would think. Now it's just a matter of getting baby to nurse or we'll be bottle feeding. Come on kid!