Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We got Lolli & the kids all moved this weekend. It went pretty smoothly - with the exception of having to wait an hour and a half for the landlord to show up with the keys, well that and the fact that the power had some how been shut off in the week between the girls seeing the unit and actually taking possession. Minor issues when you have a couple of kids to feed, bath & bed down. But Lolli's daughter and kids went to stay at grandpas (10 minutes from the new place) and Lolli came home with us. Luckily we had plenty of trucks and people to move the stuff. So once we got in it all went quickly.

We got home Saturday night and while I made Manicotti (sausage, leeks, spinach & four kinds of cheesey goodness) Lolli & Jay made this:

Unfortunately Pumpkin sat alone all evening on the front porch as we didn't get any trick or treaters. Never have. Seems no one wants to go up to the scary house on top of the hill.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. My Mom and a friend stopped by to walk their dogs. So we walked up to the top of the hill. We were standing up by the goat pens talking and watching the goat antics. One of the does, Bess has gone into season. Mr. Deeds was very assertively trying to 'charm' her through the fence. All the other goats of course are right there watching. So were standing there and just as there's a lull in the conversation, Belle (Mr. Deeds 1st 'wife') says 'No'. I kid you not. As plain as day and enunciated clearly, without any hint of goat bleeting. (i.e. No-o-o-o) A perfect No. If I'd been alone I'd have thought I imagined it. Now, I don't think Mr Deeds has much in the way of charm and you certainly don't want to be downwind of him, but I guess Belle still has a soft spot for him.

OK, I guess you had to be there.

Monday was quiet and uneventful. Jay and our lead tech are in a class all this week so there's not much going on in the office. The low point of the day was getting in my jeep to go home at 5:00 in darkness. Bleh.

This morning I went down to permit office and took my camera thinking I could get pictures of the views. Unfortunately I hadn't accounted for building security frowning on me taking pictures at city hall, even if it was just out the windows. A more humorless chap I'd be hard pressed to find. Apparently he didn't think I was cute OR funny. Anyway, here's the outside of the building from a block away. It's the odd shaped one. The Department of Planning's on the 20th floor with 360* views of the city, bay and mountains. None of which you get to see here today.

Then turning around, here's a picture of my favorite church in Seattle, St. James Cathedral.

Ok, well just the bell towers then. Here's what it looked like long ago.

Then in 1916 it snowed 3 feet in one day and this happened:

It lost it's dome.

Still all and all it's the best place in town to go to Christmas Midnight Mass, and they don't even care if your not Catholic!

One of my favorite things about the building is the 'Great Oculus' The eye of God looking down from heaven. You can see the lighter area in the Transept in the picture above.

The eye of God, or the hole left over from the rotunda falling in? I guess it's a matter of faith. All I know is it's an awe inspiring place.

Gratuitous picture of my smiling dog, because it's my blog and I can if I want to.

Hope your all doing good!