Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Moose & Squirell

I know I post these two all the time but I couldn't help myself. Here they are just now while I'm at the computer. That cat follows the dog everywhere. If he gets too far afield for her she'll climb a tree to watch for him. I've never seen a cat love a dog so much.

More Weather

It's been raining. A lot.

This is the Cedar River where Bear and I occasionally walk. I copied this pic off of the city's website. The river is channeled as it goes through downtown Renton. I shot the video below at about the same spot this afternoon. If you were the dude on the bike you'd have about 3 feet of water over your head.

Makes me thankful to be warm and dry in a house on a hill.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Lilly if your nasty...

Not much going on here. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday. I've been fighting the cold one of the rugrats gave me over Christmas. Not really feeling too sick but enough to take it easy. It's been stormy and rainy for days now, the time of year I like the least. It will be this way until March at least.

I do have one rather disgusting story to share with you. I've written before about my cat Miss Lilly and her ever lasting war on terrorist mice. Well the battles seemed to slack off over the past two months as no new victims were found. I got my first surprise on Sunday. The cat and dog share a bed that sits in the walkway between the living room and kitchen. This is the preferred spot as they can keep tabs on what the humans are up to with out having to get up from their napping spots. The bed gets dragged around the room a bit and I'm always kicking it back into it's position. Sunday when I went to nudge it back into place it did slip across the floor like normal, so I picked it up to find a very dead and very flat mouse. Now, not only are her little conquests brought into the house, now SHE'S HIDING THEM.

Disgusting? Yes, but wait, it gets better.

I was vacuuming (Yes, I do keep a moderately clean house regardless of what this story will make you think) the living room and saw a odd scrape of material just barely sticking out from the area rug. I thought at the time, 'Oh great, the backings coming undone' but not actually bending over to investigate it to much.

Hey, if you don't get sucked up in the vacuum after a couple of swipes maybe you've earned your spot.

As I was vacuuming again on Monday I saw the thing again and decided to find out what was up. I bent over and peeled back the corner of the rug and found very dead and very flat mouse #2. I went and got some paper towels and lifted the poor thing up --- I'm editing myself here - you don't want to read what I was going to type - let's just say the little mousey was about the size and texture of a communion wafer. That sucker had been there long enough to dry out completely. You'd think we'd have noticed a smell? Nope.

I guess I'm going to have to work on my house keeping skills.

Wanna come over for dinner ?