Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Lilly if your nasty...

Not much going on here. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday. I've been fighting the cold one of the rugrats gave me over Christmas. Not really feeling too sick but enough to take it easy. It's been stormy and rainy for days now, the time of year I like the least. It will be this way until March at least.

I do have one rather disgusting story to share with you. I've written before about my cat Miss Lilly and her ever lasting war on terrorist mice. Well the battles seemed to slack off over the past two months as no new victims were found. I got my first surprise on Sunday. The cat and dog share a bed that sits in the walkway between the living room and kitchen. This is the preferred spot as they can keep tabs on what the humans are up to with out having to get up from their napping spots. The bed gets dragged around the room a bit and I'm always kicking it back into it's position. Sunday when I went to nudge it back into place it did slip across the floor like normal, so I picked it up to find a very dead and very flat mouse. Now, not only are her little conquests brought into the house, now SHE'S HIDING THEM.

Disgusting? Yes, but wait, it gets better.

I was vacuuming (Yes, I do keep a moderately clean house regardless of what this story will make you think) the living room and saw a odd scrape of material just barely sticking out from the area rug. I thought at the time, 'Oh great, the backings coming undone' but not actually bending over to investigate it to much.

Hey, if you don't get sucked up in the vacuum after a couple of swipes maybe you've earned your spot.

As I was vacuuming again on Monday I saw the thing again and decided to find out what was up. I bent over and peeled back the corner of the rug and found very dead and very flat mouse #2. I went and got some paper towels and lifted the poor thing up --- I'm editing myself here - you don't want to read what I was going to type - let's just say the little mousey was about the size and texture of a communion wafer. That sucker had been there long enough to dry out completely. You'd think we'd have noticed a smell? Nope.

I guess I'm going to have to work on my house keeping skills.

Wanna come over for dinner ?


desert dirt diva said...

yea i'm first... woo hoo.....And red or white wine with our dinner??

Gin said...

Is mouse considered dark meat or white meat? I think it's dark! Probably a nice Red Zin!

Miss Lilly probably brought you a few mice as gifts and when you threw them out, instead of raving about how clever she is and how grateful you are...she got discouraged and started hiding them. She probably thought, "I'll show you!"

Cats are a hoot!

Kathy said...

I've found a couple of dessicated, mouse wafers under the stove. A couple of months ago, we knew there were two mice in our basement office -- we could see them scurry every time we turned on the light. We took Azrielle, our big, black cat down to do her thing and she turned and looked at us like a disgusted teen looks at her parents. She sashayed back upstairs and left us to the mouse problem!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not sure...

Very cool that you have an AeroGarden too. I plan to pare my seedlings to one per pot tomorrow. I'll be sure to be aggressive in the pruning as the plants grow. Pass along any tips you can.

mama llama said...


Can't say much more right now.

Be well, Brad. Happy 2009, indeed! :)

Jay said...

Yeah, I'll come over for dinner. But, I'm bringing dinner and we're eating on the porch. haha ;-)

Smocha said...

I'll bring a nice sprinkling of cat hair (we never eat without it). Do you prefer white or dark?

A communion wafer. Bwa ha ha !!
Thanks for the laugh:)


Ace C said...

I would appreciate a warning at the beginning of the post next time.

Summer said...

My Lucy used to bring all sorts of critters home. Her favorite thing to do was leave bird heads on the front porch.

SOUL: said...

mouse jerky !!! YUMM-O
when should i be there???

cats are usually proud of their of their hunt and drop them at your feet-- or like summer said -- on the porch. funny yours hides them.

how ya been ???
hope the cold goes away.

Scarlet said...

I'll come over for dinner if you let me fumigate first. Wow!

Btw, you made me think of an old episode of Frightening Flickers (remember that program on Sat. afternoons in the 70s?). Anyway, I'll never forget it...they have a covered tray and someone lifts the cover and mice pop out. Live ones! My 7-year old self was horrified!

When you wrote about the mice and mentioned dinner, this visual immediately popped into my head. Not pretty.

On second thought, why don't YOU come over my house for dinner instead?

fiwa said...

Oh well, they were snacks that she hid for later and then forgot about. ;) Is Miss Lilly channeling Janet Jackson, or are you?

I'd come over breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can vouch for you - your house is beautiful and clean.

I hope that warehouse fire wasn't near your building?

Golden To Silver Val said...

hmmmm....sounds like Miss Lilly is trying to get your attention. My cat used to leave me presents on the front porch....a headless bird or chipmunk...but she never hid them. LOL, I wonder what Bear thinks of all this. Keep warm sweetie! xxoo

tt said...

you crack me up!! I usually have to get Lovee to... ummmmmm, dispose of little critters..too yeukie for me. ugh.
You're so brave.
Send Miss Lily to me for a while k? I've got one in my garage that refuses to go into the light! :)

Leann said...

She is leaving you gifts. My fave is stepping out onto the porch barefoot to find one of their gifts the hard way. Bleeeck.