Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Ramp Up

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We're having a ceramics painting party and many friends and assorted kids will be over to spend the day. We'll cover the kitchen in old newspaper and let them all go at it. Jay will have the kiln firing all next week and we can watch the wheel on the electric meter spin.

My buddy Norm and his wife are coming. I think Norm and I'll watch them play for a while then sneak off to go check out Second Use Building Materials. It's a store near us that recycles old building parts and pieces for resale. Many a good treasure I've found there. They have lots of weird, odd ball stuff to, this is where I found my 1890's pump organ sitting on a pallet covered with tarps and just to cheap to let it get away.

I figure by the time we get done with that and lunch we can safely head back to the house and all the Jr. painters will have exhausted themselves. It does start to make me feel a bit Christmas-y and ready to go get tree's after thanksgiving. It's an annual event for Jay and I to take Mom to pick out trees, take hers back to her house, get the lights on, then get ours home and lit on the same day. Jay does all the stringing of lights as he made the mistake of developing that skill years ago. My part comes after, decorating the thing. We normally get a big noble so it can take a couple of days.

My sister was up from Florida this week and we had about an hour to sit and chat and catch up. She brought up gift giving this year and I was happy to hear that she's 'over it' too. It's silly for a bunch of adults who have everything they need to be buying gifts for each other. So we agreed with Mom that from now on gifts will be for the kids only. Of course we all know we're going to cheat, at least I am, but the gifts will be small and just fun silly stuff.

Jay on the other hand is not off the hook. I've already worked out commitments on new furniture so that doesn't count as a Christmas present. He is in the process of making me a new Tiffany style lamp shade (I'll post pics as soon as it's off the form and tacked together) but that still doesn't get him off the hook. I'm thinking electronics.

So what do you want for Christmas ?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome to Kuboto Farm

Well this has all been a pain in the butt. I'd forgot how much tweeking it took to set up a new blog. I'll be playing around with it for a bit I'm sure. This whole things seems so silly and juvenile I just want to make the break and move on. So I'll just say this and let it drop. Someone from my real life and work started reading the old blog. Not that big of a deal in itself but it was making it harder and harder to write with out constantly editing myself.

Kuboto Garden is a park down at the bottom of our hill. I've written about it before and posted some pics. It was a Japanese nursery before world war 2 and was made as a display garden originally to showcase their products. The garden was abandoned when the Japanese were moved to concentration camps for the duration of the war. It later became a city park.

I just went to look up a fact on the park and now realize I've misspelled it. Well that's kind of kind of fitting for this whole debacle. Maybe the misspelling well help keep this blog a bit lower under the radar.

A few weeks ago we added Mr. Deeds to the goatie corral and he soon got busy impregnating Bess & Belle. When Jay registered the new herd with the state he had to come up with a name. We have always called this place Bear's farm but Jay didn't like that name so we co-opted the part of the parks name and added farm. And now I've misspelled it so none of it makes any sense.

See the kind of day I've had?

Whatever, it's done. I like the name even if it isn't exactly right.

I've been struggling with posts lately so hopefully this will be the start of something new and better. Thank you so much for wanting to follow along.

Me Again...

Happy One just pointed out to me that you could find the new blog from the old by veiwing my profile there. I've removed it but if anyone knows any ways that people might find the new blog from the old please let me know. I'm trying to cover my tracks here - Grrr - This sucks.


Hello! - Sorry for the quick move here. I'll post later when I have more time. This was put together in a hurry late last night so it's not quite ready and/or finished. Thanks for coming along. I'll try to explain more later.