Thursday, April 2, 2009

None Of My Business

The phones at worked kind of picked up some this morning. It actually started ringing right after 8:00 am! One call from a developer sounds especially promising.

It has been a little slow. I have to remind myself that it's always slow for us between the "heating" and "cooling" season. If folks aren't running their furnaces or A/C units all the time they don't break down as often. I've been listening to the talking heads on the nightly news too much. If you just went by them you'd think the sky was falling. I know the "economic crisis" is real, but I think it's way overblown by the media. Sure I know a couple of folks who have been laid off but in reality (at least my day to day reality) things haven't changed that much.

The effects of the talking heads however are hard to avoid. I know it's keeping me from spending money I normally would. New furniture for example. I've been looking for months, have seen a few things I like that would work just fine but when it comes to giving up that money I just can't do it. The talking heads got into my brain and it keeps me thinking, what if? Multiple that by a few million Americans and we really do have trouble. Not that I have any answers here, just me spouting off. Lately I've been changing the channel to The Simpson's or The Family Guy at 6:00 o'clock. I think I'll just keep doing that.

I had lunch at our house with a friend from my old Evil Coffee Empire days. She left about the same time I did. She's a full time Mommy now, living over on the peninsula. She brought her boys over for an overnight stay in town. I'd met her oldest when he was a baby and hadn't met the youngest. I wasn't surprised when they both turned out to be very articulate (for their age) young men. It really blew me away how the 7 year old would look me directly in the eyes and talk with such passion about comic books. Not surprising given how smart and wonderful his parents are. What did surprise me was that about 2 minutes after that he and his brother turned into whirling dervishes and careened all over the house, knocking over furniture and scaring the hell out of the dog and cat. I think Miss Lilly spent the night in the goat barn. I sure didn't see her. Don't get me wrong, they're great kids but...I'm sorry NONE of my niece's or nephew's would ever act that way in some one's home. Mom didn't seem to notice anything so I turned the TV on which had the expected result of instant child zombifcation.

My own sister has un-friended me on Facebook.

Sheesh, it's not like I was following her around asking "Can I play too" like the old days. Get over yourself Sis! - Not Really, I know she's only on there to keep tabs on my neice who's there as well. But it will make for great fun at the Christmas dinner table this year, if I can keep my mouth shut until then. "Mom!...."

I ploted out the raised beds on our CAD program at work. Then had major sticker shock at the price of materials. I may still do it, but..well, see above...I've thought about scaling it back but if I have Mr. Jay locked and loaded to perform, it I should probally get it all done at once, we'll see.

As I'm told each Thursday morning:

"We can see the light of Friday, make hay in the sunshine!"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Make Hay In The Sunshine

What a wonderful weekend! It was sunny and clear most of the time, all day on Sunday. I even considered putting on sunblock at one point. We had lots of company. It seemed like there was hardly anytime at all that somebody wasn't at the house. I still haven't picked up a new camera but fortunately my Mom's friend Jane came by and took some pics. Unfortunately it was her back up camera and the snaps aren't the best.

Momma, baby and goatboy.

Our friends Lorrie & JP came and spent Saturday night with us. We didn't do anything but sit around the kitchen table and laugh so that was perfect. At some point during the evening we had been talking about the chickens, then poultry in general. JP and Jay got it into their heads they wanted to raise quail. How they came up with quail is any ones guess. Long story short 100 quail chicks will be shipped to us the week of July 6th. My only request was they build a cote to house them in. It's a scary thing when I end up being the voice of reason. They plan to let them go free. I guess they think the birds will stick around, well see. JP & Lorrie have a place bigger then ours with more woods so they'll take most of the birds. Should be interesting.

I spent a few hours in the front yard with a measuring tape and a bunch of rocks planning where the new raised beds are going. Jay's on board with the concept, now were just quibbling about materials. Jay wants to use those textured cider block things that you get a the Home Depot/Lowes. Their fine but not what I'm going for. Those bricks are great for retaining walls and things but I don't want the first impression of the area to be "Oh, you went to Home Depot". Those bricks are to ubiquitous for me. I want something a little different. The timbers I found also at Home Depot are 8" x 8" buy 8 feet - they've been used before and show it. Their labeled as "retaining wall quality timbers" There nice and chunky and roughed up. They look like they were creosoted (new word?) sometime in the past but it's quite weathered now so I think I should be ok with them not contaminating the soil. I thought it was funny Jay was set on the bricks since it's going to be him lifting most of them. Hah! (not really, I will help...point...supervise...what ever...)

I'm chomping at the bit to get planting in the garden. I bought a couple of those cans of wild flower mix to plant in some of the larger, rougher areas of the yard which are to big to make into proper flower beds. I was all ready to get going on that this weekend until I read on the label to wait for the ground temperature to be 60 degrees. How in the hec do you tell what the ground temp is? Stick a thermometer in it? Guess I'll just wait a month and go for it.

Lolli was busy this weekend too. Please take a listen to my beautiful girls, beautiful voice. She's being backed up by her band Atlantis. She rocks my world!

Hope your all doing good!