Thursday, September 3, 2009

rambling brain mush, shaken not stirred.

My blogging muscles have atrophied. I've been meaning, trying to post all week but just haven't found anything to post about. So I'll just post any way. Just to get the ball rolling here.

It's been a good summer - not great or fantastic, but good. The weathers been summer-y but not all out SUMMER, well except for that one week of 100*+ temps that did a number on the ferns and hostas I planted, but they survived and so did I.

Work has been busy, which is good. There was at a luncheon put on by one of the general contractors we work with about week ago, kind of a round table discussion on ways to bring in more business in this 'recession'. Many of the people/companies at the table are really having a tough time finding work. We've been fortunate, with the exception of a slow spring when no one was spending money were doing ok.

I love being in our new building. Little things like not having to move boxes to open a file cabinet to big things like having a big park and river side to walk during lunch or when I just want to get out of the office for a minute. The local mall is just down the road but I've been saving that for lunch hours when the weather turns on us. It's been fun getting to know the neighborhood feral cats. There's about 1/2 dozen of them. All skinny and skulking around. Their really not feral per say - as they will come up to you and let you pet them. Poor flee infested things that they are. There's also a group of five kittens (so tiny) in a bramble patch across the road. We called the Human Society but they aren't taking any more animals due to budget problems. Calling Animal Control is pretty much a death sentence (the county is pulling their budget as well) so we didn't try them. I know the right thing to do is to have them taken in, I just can't do it.

I took a walk over by the river after lunch today. Watch a train carrying Boeing fuselages from the Renton plant into Seattle to get their wings, tails and wheels put on before being flown up to Everett (Say hi Moohaa!) to get their paint jobs before being delivered to customers. While i was looking across the river at that I noticed a family of raccoons washing their faces in the river. Looked like parents and an adolescent. The big one spied me across the river and told the others o high tail it for the underbrush. They were fun to see.

I was driving back from having coffee with a blogger friend yesterday and drove by Boeing Field. There are like 20 planes sitting down there all painted and ready to go. Something I've never noticed before, they usually move those puppies right out. It made me wonder if customers are delaying taking ownership of the planes or something. Then about 1/2 a mile further down the road I went by the Union Pacific rail yard. There's about 50 idle engines sitting on the tracks. Again, something I've never seen. Makes me wonder if the recession is as 'over' as the nice folks in the administration would like us to think.

I've had a lot of fun gardening this year. Tomatoes came in awesome, Corn that wasn't suppose to be midget, but is, I haven't tried yet as he years arn't big enough and probably won't ever be. The peppers came out great and the peas, but I didn't plant enough of those - I'll know better next year. Strawberries were great but we didn't get many. Meaning Jay & I didn't get many. Bear can pick his own and does.

"Bear's Farm" now has 7 resident goats. Jay's been 'working' on me for weeks/months to get a registered doe so he can raise & sell registered kids. I finally caved. I was sitting outside on night and just got to thinking: Who am I to stop him? he does the majority of the work with them so what am I bitching about? - I won't bore you with my list of REALLY good reasons why we didn't need another goat. The two youngest babies are already promised by way of a craigslist connection Jay made. So we'll wait and see if that really works out. Anyway, Jay's got his new baby Cinnamon and he's happy. He (we) bought me a laptop and wireless router to keep me quite about it. Which might work for a short time.

I hope you all had nice summers - I intend to be a little more present around here after being a flake for the last 3 months. Just be happy I made that promise not to rant about politics a year ago, there's so much political crap going on out there it's hard sometimes to keep my yap shut!