Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothin Much

We woke up to snow again yesterday morning. Luckily the monster sizes flakes were falling to a ground temperature of about 40* so nothing stuck. Typical weird spring weather here. The afternoon brought lots of wind and gusts. I spent part of the afternoon watching the two Doug Firs that were planted about 15 feet from either side of the house 90+ years ago. They've been trimmed over the years to protect them from high winds but they still really get to moving in a storm. Every time we have a windstorm I think that maybe they should come down. I'd hate to do it but it's better then getting crushed in the house.

A pretty quiet weekend all and all. My Sister is up visiting from Florida and she and my mother stopped by for a while. Aside from that, there weren't too many goat visitors this weekend. The baby is doing good. I think we've settled on the name Silver Moon for the marking on her nose that at first looked like a moon but not so much anymore. She'll probably end up with a weird nick-name like Moonie. She's a feisty little baby and very human socialized. Too much so if you ask me. She's growing and changing quickly just like any baby I suppose. She jumps and spins and tries to head butt. She's also a cuddler, always wants to climb up into your lap. Good, cheap, farmy entertainment I tell you.

I found my new desk on Friday. I'd been looking for weeks. I wanted a plain old wood desk with a center 'pencil' drawer. As easy as it sounds it was tough to find. Most of the used office furniture places now sell pieces of cubicles and apparently the modern worker no longer needs a pencil drawer. The one I found is pretty cool. All wood with a fine grain that I can't identify yet. It's large (huge!) and from the 1940's I'm guessing. At least that's what the drawer pulls and styling look like. I took the big company truck back out to Greenlake today to pick it up. Luckily the store owner was nice and helped me get it loaded up. I would have seriously hurt myself trying to move it on my own. Once I got it back to the new office I took a better look at it. There's something about old furniture that intrigues me. I was hoping this piece would have something lost inside or something unique about it. When I took out the center drawer I found the remnants of tape and a torn corner of an envelope that had been stuck to the bottom of it. I love this kind of stuff. I wonder what was hidden there and what kind of stories my desk could tell?