Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Two good folks asked for goat pics so here they are. Tonight we got to rassle 'em and apply flea stuff. They weren't all that into it. Little Moon can bleat at twice the decibels of her elders. Fun.

Bess, the one with the horns, is pregnant. She's due later this summer.

o.k...the chicks are chickens now, it's time to post :-)

Say's Leann and she's right. Thanks for the kick in the pants friend.

< href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_lQGCmPuxA-M/SivqD_CEh_I/AAAAAAAABsQ/hlaL5GHJqVU/s1600-h/023.JPG">

Well, there not quite chickens yet, more like pullets but I won't quibble.

Hi! Miss me? I have no good excuses, well I do but that would be boring. I've been off enjoying summer and just haven't made the time to blog. We did hire a new guy after trying Craigslist to find help a few weeks ago. Things worked out great in the end but it was kinda funny (funny strange, not funny ha-ha) getting there. I got a good group of resumes to my surprise. I guess I can't be dissing Craigslist so much, well on the other hand...like I said we got a good bunch of resumes and I sorted through them and picked four of the best for the guys to interview. I wasn't surprised who they picked after the interviews as it was the best candidate on paper. (have I told you this already? too lazy to go look so carrying on...) After the interviews I decided to do a little checking online about the candidates and low and behold the guy we picked had a record for sexual misconduct with a minor. He'd been a school teacher right up till the time of his conviction - Eek! - Needless to say we didn;t hire him. BUT! we did hire everyones #2 pick who happens to be a guy about my age, has worked in the industry quite a bit of time, took time away to work in film production as a grip (the handymen of sets and stages) but he and his wife had to gave up the vagabond lifestyle with the arrival of their new twins. Anyhow, the new guy is working out great so far (knock wood) it's only been a couple weeks and he's out on the road on his own and doing a great job.

So...Craigslist? who knew?

I feel somewhat bad for not being around and/or coming by and visiting your blogs, but only somewhat. I'm really enjoying summer and playing in the garden and just generally outside playing until bedtime. I do need to get cracking and get around to see what every ones up to so I'll do that shortly. I'm sure my google reader is at some astronomical # of posts to read.

Having fun in the garden. Jay's run drip irrigation out to the beds I planted earlier. I've got corn, tomatoes, peas, peppers and strawberries all jumbled in with the verbena, daisies, columbine, snap-dragons and roses - I like the jumble. It's kind of wild looking, my idea of an english garden. There an old saying on corn, that it should be "Knee high by the 4th of July" well mine was knee high on June 1st but I guess that won't hurt it any.

Well that's all for now - I'll make my best efforts to not let WEEKS go by with out a post or a visit, but after tending my Facebook 'farm' and the odd email or two I can't resist the CALL OF THE SUNSHINE!

Hope your all doing good.


This is the sunset last Thursday as a wind storm moved in. It went from 90* to about 80* in less then an hour.