Thursday, July 23, 2009

The little train the couldn't

We're taking vacation days today and tomorrow for a four day weekend. Took the new light rail train into downtown, well almost. The train that doesn't quite go to the airport, (that link isn't quite finished yet) didn't quite go to downtown today either. It stopped short of the downtown tunnel where you had to transfer to a bus. We passed on that part. Both trains and buses are suppose to use the tunnel but apparently there are a few kinks.

Tukwila Station - about a mile north of the airport

Art ! (?)

Green River

Franklin High School

Downtown - just coming out of the Beacon Hill tunnel

Home of The Evil Coffee Empire

Jay at Stadium Station not waiting for me - The end of the line today

Miss Bess will be having her kids here in the next week or so. Our Vets 25th anniversary is on Sunday and Jay's been asked to bring the goats down for the party.

Oh boy.

We'll see how that works out.

Does this post reflect the complete mellowness that I'm feeling?



nap time.