Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now, where was I...

It seems that I've let a another month slip by without posting. I'm lazy, I admit it. No excuses.

Life is good, no complaints. Things at the farm carry on much as always. Except for the trees loosing their leaves and the eternal rain. I really wish we had more variety of types of trees around the house. Maples just aren't very interesting in the fall. The leaves turn yellow one day and drop the next. The cedars and doug firs are nice, but I'd love to have some oaks in the mix. I'll have to keep that in mind come spring, maybe do a little gorilla gardening on the city's green belt.

We re-homed the goatie twins about 3 weeks ago now. The original folks who said they wanted them didn't pan out. Jay posted an ad on Craigslist on a Sunday night at 8:00 pm. he got 4 serious replies the next day, picked one and the family was pulling out of our driveway with the goats by 7:00 pm the next evening. He had told me all along that there was a market for them and I was the 'Doubting Thomas'. He was quite proud of actually having cash in hand for Summer & La De Da. Unfortunately I couldn't stop myself before reminding him of how much money was spent to produce those two. I really need to work on my internal edit function. I really can be a bitch sometimes.

Anyway, he was quite pleased. Those were kids born to an un-registered doe, so having them go sell so quickly was even more of a surprise. We both thought there'd be less demand, but there ya go. The folks that bought them have a small farm just down the valley from us and 3 kids 8 to 14 years to look after them. Also the Mom is a Vet's asst. so we couldn't have found them better homes. The new-ish registered doe has been up in Mr. Deeds pen for the last few weeks so more babies should be coming soon.

Work is going well, we could have more money coming in but we can pay the bills and still stick a little aside each month so no complaints there either. We did loose our youngest team member this last Sunday when he broke his leg (badly) and will be out for weeks if not months. Fortunately with the unemployment rate what it is we shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new person. I'd really like to find a woman to fill the spot I'm just not sure how to go about it. I'm sure they must be out there but I've never had any apply. It's a detail oriented job which (not meaning to be sexist...) I think would be ideal for a woman. While it does take some strength it's not like you have to be a weight lifter or anything.

Jay had surgery on his foot two weeks ago to remove a small 'nodule' from the bottom of his foot. It hurt him a but when he walked. It was nothing, so much so that I can't even remember what the doc said it was. It was fun to have him somewhat immobilized on the couch and all drugged up. He was pretty entertaining. Not that it lasted very long, He's not one to sit around, unlike me.

We lost our dear friend Buster this last weekend. Bus was the ex of Jay's cousin, the same cousin who sold us the farm. They were still very close regardless of breaking up. A smart, funny man we'll both miss very much. We lost so many friends in the late 80's & 90's that it was almost a common occurrence. Now when it happens it's a bit of a shock. He had lived for many years with AIDS and like most people who live with it, went up and down health wise. The drug treatments can keep them living for years. I guess we just got complacent, it just didn't occur to me that Bus could die this time.

Bus's dog Gage, a fine yellow lab gentleman with a touch of hip displactia, had been staying with us and cousin while Bus was in the hospital. Jay & I wanted to keep Gage as he's one of the puppies Bear was raised with and we love him, but Jay's cousin wanted him too, so we let it go at that. Besides, do I really need a large dog with medical issues? We'll still be able to see him and he'll be good for cousins heart right now.

We're going to be helping Lolli move this weekend. Her oldest girl has separated from her husband and she and the kids have been staying with Mom for the last few weeks. While this has Lolli in grandma HEAVEN, they need more space. The bad part is the new place is about twice as far away from us as the current one. It will be closer to grandpa, who's also helping out so that's a good thing. I'm not too worried about it, Lolli will need a break on a regular basis so I know she'll still be coming to stay with us when she can.

Bear's in my lap and I csan't type oveer him o I'll -stop licking me! close for now.