Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome to Kuboto Farm

Well this has all been a pain in the butt. I'd forgot how much tweeking it took to set up a new blog. I'll be playing around with it for a bit I'm sure. This whole things seems so silly and juvenile I just want to make the break and move on. So I'll just say this and let it drop. Someone from my real life and work started reading the old blog. Not that big of a deal in itself but it was making it harder and harder to write with out constantly editing myself.

Kuboto Garden is a park down at the bottom of our hill. I've written about it before and posted some pics. It was a Japanese nursery before world war 2 and was made as a display garden originally to showcase their products. The garden was abandoned when the Japanese were moved to concentration camps for the duration of the war. It later became a city park.

I just went to look up a fact on the park and now realize I've misspelled it. Well that's kind of kind of fitting for this whole debacle. Maybe the misspelling well help keep this blog a bit lower under the radar.

A few weeks ago we added Mr. Deeds to the goatie corral and he soon got busy impregnating Bess & Belle. When Jay registered the new herd with the state he had to come up with a name. We have always called this place Bear's farm but Jay didn't like that name so we co-opted the part of the parks name and added farm. And now I've misspelled it so none of it makes any sense.

See the kind of day I've had?

Whatever, it's done. I like the name even if it isn't exactly right.

I've been struggling with posts lately so hopefully this will be the start of something new and better. Thank you so much for wanting to follow along.


Golden To Silver Val said...

I see you're up and running...don't forget to move your awards to this one too. Are you cooking for Thanksgiving or going to mom's? I'll be cooking....think of me wrestling with the turkey. LOL

Hope4Grace said...


I found you.....

And now the stalking begins.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry you had to move. I know it's a pain in the butt, but hopefully this will be your permanent bloggy home. I want many pics of any goat babies! They are so cute. I like the name of your blog, it's interesting.

Ginni said...

Your new home will get more comfy the more you get used to it and tweek it!

I wanna see those goat babies when they arrive too. I hope you post loads of pix!

Hugs to you and Bear from me and Rosie

Smocha said...

Yikes , it looks like you deleted all your posts from the old blog.Hope ya printed 'em. You can just make the old one password protected. I did that with my old one for a couple years.

What a pain for you. Glad you got the new one up and running.

However, the white print is hard for my eyes to read. Just sayin' LOL

Maybe you need a new picture too,instead of the one of you and Bear. In case they stumble up on this blog.

TGIF baby!

happyone said...

Sorry you had to start a new blog but happy that I will be able to continue reading about your days. I would surely miss you!!
Sometimes it's good to just start over. I am much happier with my new blog. :-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Glad you've got it worked out. :) Hope this enables you to get back to talking about what you want to.

Have a wonderful weekend!

meno said...

Also, you shouldn't leave the URL in the comments of blogs that you link to. Like mine, because someone could come to my blog and see your link. I'm going to delete your comment though. You should have sent it to me in e-mail.

And you could permanantly delete the comments from people asking for your new URL too, instead of just sorta deleting them, because the name of the requester is still there.

Good luck here.

desert dirt diva said...

I'll follow you anywhere....and btw i love pete...i need to re-face my blog, just been to lazy, this looks great!

Old Crone said...

Sometimes posting is just hard, be easy on yourself there guy.

bonnie said...

Hi! I found you! As much as you talk about work in that "employees are such a nuisance," tone, I'd be keeping a low profile too. Your little secret is safe with me. Hope your weekend is going well.