Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Ramp Up

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We're having a ceramics painting party and many friends and assorted kids will be over to spend the day. We'll cover the kitchen in old newspaper and let them all go at it. Jay will have the kiln firing all next week and we can watch the wheel on the electric meter spin.

My buddy Norm and his wife are coming. I think Norm and I'll watch them play for a while then sneak off to go check out Second Use Building Materials. It's a store near us that recycles old building parts and pieces for resale. Many a good treasure I've found there. They have lots of weird, odd ball stuff to, this is where I found my 1890's pump organ sitting on a pallet covered with tarps and just to cheap to let it get away.

I figure by the time we get done with that and lunch we can safely head back to the house and all the Jr. painters will have exhausted themselves. It does start to make me feel a bit Christmas-y and ready to go get tree's after thanksgiving. It's an annual event for Jay and I to take Mom to pick out trees, take hers back to her house, get the lights on, then get ours home and lit on the same day. Jay does all the stringing of lights as he made the mistake of developing that skill years ago. My part comes after, decorating the thing. We normally get a big noble so it can take a couple of days.

My sister was up from Florida this week and we had about an hour to sit and chat and catch up. She brought up gift giving this year and I was happy to hear that she's 'over it' too. It's silly for a bunch of adults who have everything they need to be buying gifts for each other. So we agreed with Mom that from now on gifts will be for the kids only. Of course we all know we're going to cheat, at least I am, but the gifts will be small and just fun silly stuff.

Jay on the other hand is not off the hook. I've already worked out commitments on new furniture so that doesn't count as a Christmas present. He is in the process of making me a new Tiffany style lamp shade (I'll post pics as soon as it's off the form and tacked together) but that still doesn't get him off the hook. I'm thinking electronics.

So what do you want for Christmas ?


Ginni said...

We already got our main Christmas gifts...recliners. And we're enjoying them immensely! I will pick up a few other small things for Andy and he for me (most likely). My family has decided this year to forgo the gift giving. We will participate in the $25 grab-bag thins (If you're a man you bring a $25 man's gift...women bring a $25 woman's gift and if you put one in you get to take one out...not a mandatory event by any means!) We used to do that plus get each other personal/individual gifts. This year, it will be just for the kids.

I have no idea what I want.

Andy is getting (from me) a basic electric train set. He needs a hobby and has mentioned that in the past.

Your Christmas tree day sounds like fun! And I wish I could be there for your ceramics party. I haven't done ceramics for years and years. I used to love it.

Have a great weekend!!

Mo said...

I want an Amazon Kindle!

My family doesn't do presents either. Just for the kids. And well you know the deal-o for friends this year.

Scarlet said...

You have me sparked up for the holidays. I would LOVE a winter vacation, fancy cologne, and a gift certificate to an art supplies store.

I can't believe I don't have a job and I have two kids, a husband and a family of 15 to shop for. I think I'll go with gag gifts for the extended family this year. You and your sister have the right idea!

Smocha said...

My kids are 24,26 and 28 . When I told them "we aren't doing Christmas this year." They all acted like a bunch of babies.

"what about our socks and underwear?"
I don't think they ever buy those for themselves.

They're all trying to put mom on a big ole' guilt trip. And it's working pretty well

We used to go get our tree in Wa. at a tree farm. good times!

This year , I'll be in England. Maybe I'll get that upside down tree.
Maybe not. :)

BBC said...

At first appearances it doesn't seem that you care about the ecology with all that you do.

So go buy a cut down tree and I'll go hug one.

Cheryl said...

Whoa. Hmmm. Anyway, welcome Kuboto Farm. And how would one pronounce that? I'm going to have to come up with a few ideas for Christmas, since I'll be asked. All I can think of is nice pajamas. Emily can't afford nice ones, so I guess I'll get cheap ones. :) I'm thinking I'd like a pen tablet, just because I like electronic toys. Slippers too. That's about it. My family will do a $25 gift exchange. And I'm talking too much, right? Did you do any painting?

tt said...

Ummm, Jay does stained glass??? Really? How lucky you are...still ;)
I'm going to ask for the same thing I've asked for for the last 35 years...seriously...
World peace.
And I'm going to keep asking for it untill I get it.
It'll happen one day I'm know how optomistic I am.

Tootie said...

Sounds like a fun time of year there! :-)

Mary said...

Your plans sound marvelous! At one time, many years ago I was co-owner of a commercial ceramics shop. I didn't do a lot of work there but I did teach some china painting classes. A couple of the ladies that I painted with in various seminars went on to publish books and one even had a TV show. I, on the other hand, just faded into the woodwork.

I haven't thought too much about Christmas this year. Thanksgiving has been such a production - House guests from Phoenix and more from Vista, CA. - the local kids and their families - three couples who are friends of our children - what more do I need to put Christmas on the back burner? Asthma maybe? Darn it all!! I love having lots of people here so come on over. Just bring your happy face and blend right in.

I recall your posted pictures of Kotoba Gardens and thought that might have been your inspiration for your new blog name. I thought you just decided on a variation of the spelling. I really like the name - it paints beautiful pictures in my mind. Remember, I've been there.

Grit said...

kids ceramic painting party?! that sounds just up our street. the little gritlets have drawn up their christmas lists already and include items like 'laptop'. they might be sadly disappointed there. grumpy mummy grit might say we're giving a little peace and quiet to each other this year, so let's do that by strapping up our mouths with gaffa tape.

happyone said...

That store sounds like a really cool place to look around. I'm sure I'd find something that I just had to have. :-)
My parents and I have decided no gifts either this year.
Ken is the one here who puts the lights on the tree and I do the fun part of decorating.
I can't really ask for anything this year. After all we both are getting a new house!!! :-)
Enjoy your Saturday.

zirelda said...

I'd be thrilled with a Tiffany style lamp. :)

We are thinking about decorating this weekend because Dan has friends coming next weekend when we traditionally decorate.

Our tree is fake with lights already on it. We just put it in the bay window and I have lots of glass and crystal ornaments that go on it.

For Christmas this year I'd like a glass blowing kit. Just a little one. :)

Ginni said...

Love your new pet!! Did you get it from Reg's blog?

Summer said...

A new kitchen sink and faucet. I'm so easy.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'd love a new computer but will have to wait. Just having my family and having love for each other is enough for me though. Since your post reminded me....did you ever fire my second coffee mug? Maybe it can go in this time??
Love and hugs.

SOUL: said...

sounds like some good plans to me.

all i want is to get my house clean and get my tree up, and not die shopping.

happy sunday


I want less treatments and more breathing, healthy children?-definitely! I husband that realizes how much he is as a man, husband, dad and any other fitting awwws, person! That's what I wish for.

ANd now sleep. It's been a realllly really dramatic weekend for me--soul may tell you that's fine--I'm pretty wiped out.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I can't ask for a thing. We have all that we need.

I just want a little snow!

Leann said...

I am very excited about Christmas this year. I'm not sure why, it's just the mood I'm in I guess. Can't wait for after Thanksgiving so I can put up the decorations and tree :-)

I am asking Santa for an acoustic guitar this year as I'd love to learn to play one.

Sounds like you had a good time...did you find any "odd ball" stuff that followed you home?

fiwa said...

Very nice layout - I like it here! Sorry you had to move though. :(

I want a Garmin GPS for Christmas. I used one in a rental car on one of my business trips and I love that thing!

Happy turkey week.