Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello! - Sorry for the quick move here. I'll post later when I have more time. This was put together in a hurry late last night so it's not quite ready and/or finished. Thanks for coming along. I'll try to explain more later.



Smocha said...

First! :)

Sorry you had to do this but count me in!

mama llama said...

Second! Yippee!

I love the washi print you have up. Looks so much like a place I once lived, so near and dear to my heart...

Be well, Brad.

happyone said...

Hi brad, I went to your profile to see if I could email you from there and saw this blog listed so here I am. I'd love to continue reading about you and your days.

Mary said...

Hi, Brad

Of course I want to ride along with you. After all I consider you one of my buddies.

Sorry you had to move but sometimes we have to make changes.

I've been lax on posting because I've been a bit under the weather and under pressure to be ready for the coming invasion of house guests.

Ginni said...

So sorry you have unwanted tag-alongs!! But I'm so glad you emailed me with your new info!