Thursday, January 15, 2009


There's a mouse in the living room. I was just sitting there, reading my paper, minding my own business when he scampered past my side table. My reaction to this was to jump out of my chair and state in a loud voice to Miss Lilly: "Mouse!". She decided she was finished napping and sauntered out of the room.

I did, however get Jay's attention. He came in the room and we cornered mouse behind the organ. With us on both ends of the thing Jay looked at me, sizing up my level of fear and said "Can you kill it?" and handed me a folded up newspaper. I shot him a look and came over and got a ream of paper from the computer desk. Took up my position and Jay yanked the organ away from the wall. Sending candles, glass ornaments and Great Grandpa Weinhart crashing to the floor.

One more yank on the organ and mouse ran out between my feet. I threw the ream of paper and was in the kitchen in two steps. Mouse is in a cluttered corner by the book cases where he can just stay for all I care.

It's just a mouse right ?


Cheryl said...

Threw the ream of paper? Oh, to have seen that. Can the mouse chew his way out?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We had a mouse last spring. Or was it summer? Anyway, get a trap and bait it with peanut butter. It's too easy for them to snatch cheese and run.

Kathy said...

It's just a mouse, but you're right -- they're vermin!! A ream of paper? Too bad you didn't render it unconscious.


okay, I know this may sound dumb but when I read your first line I thought to myself, GOODNIGHT MOUSE, GOODNIGHT HOUSE! GOODNIGHT MOON! GOODNIGHT BEARS! GOODNIGHT CHAIRS!!

Yeah, I need to get out more!

missing you.
I like the word DICKER> :)


meno said...

Did you try and Dicker with the mouse???

I have one in my house, in a cage, taht i feed and water.

yeah, that's fucked up.

Kelly Jene said...

Poor Great Grandpa. Poor Brad.

Mice..... ig!!!! (Shudders!)

Smocha said...

I thought you were going to say that you jumped up on the chair and started screaming. lol
(that's what I do)

I'm sure Miss Lilly will take care of him when she gets around to it.

It IS just a mouse.

Summer said...

Yes, it is just a mouse. When my mother went into assited living and my sister and I decided to clean up her house a bit, I caught 12 of them. I came face to face, with one in her pantry on a shelf. I screamed and he jumped. Why did I scream? It was just a mouse.

Scarlet said...

And I thought MY life was exciting! :)

PS - It's just a mouse, yes, but do you want it pitter pattering across your face in the wee hours of the night?? You must find it!

Real Live Lesbian said...

What's one more flat mouse? Just add that sucker to your collection! ;)

Miss Lilly needs to get on the ball!

Donna said...

Living in the country as we do, mice invade often. I can't stand the thoughts of them running around where my food is stored. I keep poison out all the time.

fiwa said...

LOL! Oh my god! I would have done the same thing!!!

You know, we have a couple of those humane mouse traps that don't kill 'em - it traps 'em in a little cage. Wanna borrow one? Then you can set it free outside or in the park. Let me know if you want one and I'll bring it over.

Love you to pieces,

happyone said...

We get mice in our old house from time to time. Then we set a couple of traps and in the morning there they are in the traps. We set the traps with a bit of peanut butter!!

Gin said...

Kill the little bladder-less buggers! They are disease carrying vermin! Did you know that mice have no bladders and just let it fly no matter where they are or what they are doing?

And BTW, dicker may not be a dirty word, but you're pushing the envelop when you talk about yanking on organs!!! Okay, so I have a dirty mind. Can't help it!

Check my blog dahlin' ...there's something there for you!

Boxer said...

You know, I used to think they were harmless until they multiplied inside the walls, ate through PVC pipe and caused a host of problems.

That said, I can't kill 'em.

Leann said...

LOL.....I could not kill it either. I'd just throw it outside, or let Miss Lilly get it when she's ready. She probably brought it in to play with and got tired of it :-)

Mary said...

At least Miss Lilly left the room. Our Zinnia would have made friends with the little gray poop! I couldn't kill one either but I can sure heap a whole lot of "I don't like" on them.

tt said...

OMG!!! I almost peed myself with that story....
Lovee and I had a simular experience....I chose the broomas my weapon of choice. It seemed less when the mouse becomes a hockey's sad...quick, but sad. We had to replace drywall and baseboards...clean up mounds and mounds of poop...ugh! I think they leave poop trails like the proverbial 'bread crumbs' show them where all the exits are. We switched to peanut butter after we found the traps w/o the cheese and 'prize'.
At least they're out of the house now....we still catch a glimpse of 'one' of them every now and then in the garage {{shudder}} it's probably one of a humdred though!!!
Rat Bastards!!...No, wait, that's their cousins....We've got the Mighty Mouse clan.
Sounds like Miss Lily needs some remedial training.
Good luck babe!( exits-lmao)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sigh...we've been raised on Mickey and have been brainwashed to think they are "so cute". Unfortunately....even though they ARE cute...they are vermin. Do you know that ONE mouse can leave up to 80 mouse turds A DAY? Did you know that they leave a tiny trail of mouse pee so they can find their way and also as a path for others in the family? When it goes through your cupboards and chews through your cereal boxes and other won't think its so cute. I had what I thought was ONE a few years ago. Turned out to be NINE. They reproduce quickly. They destroyed nearly $100. worth of food before I got rid of them all...and yes...mouse traps set with peanut butter does the trick. Set them in a place where Ms. Lily won't get hurt. They are playthings to her right now...she'll only seriously hunt them if she's hungry. Good Luck!
P.S. If you catch them and set them free outside, they will only come right back in using the same way they originally got in. (my daughter made this mistake) They can fit through an opening about the size of the diameter of a pencil. Hard to believe, I know. How do I know so much about them you ask? Well, I believe in the old "know your enemy" theory and researched them on the internet when I set out to get rid of them. I was amazed.

bonnie said...

The mouse is DEAD, right? I once killed a mouse with one of those enormous encyclopedias. If I kill a big spider I always leave it where it died as a warning to other spiders who might be tempted to enter my space.

SOUL: said...

bonnie was in a good mood yesterday :))

as for val.. yup-- she's right on.
peanut butter and traps--- or-- if you are too afraid that miss lilly will get hurt-- you could always glob some peanut butter on the big glue traps. kitty might need a haircut--- but that's better than an amputation. ugh.
(oh..crunchy PB)

starve the cat today
to keep the mice away

sounds a bit mean. but i have a couple very curious, cats out here i could send your way ???

happy sunday

zirelda said...

You are brave aren't you? I lived in a trailer with so many holes it wasn't even funny once. We had mice all over the place and couldn't keep up with them. Bought one of those sonic things that is supposed to keep mice out and I went into the kitchen one night to see one directly under it.


mama llama said...

Wow! I think I might have some little guys in the attic, but they aren't bothering me and I don't have a mouser-cat to let loose up there and take care of them. This one is too lazy. And fat. Maybe that's what would slim him down a bit...!

Or I need a really hungry snake up there.

I actually have a much bigger problem with stinkbugs. They are EVERYWHERE here now. Such a pain.

That cracked me up. A ream of paper. Ah, the imagery.

Be well, Brad!

Grit said...

no way can you kill the cute mouse!

you have to buy a humane trap, bait it with chocolate and wait. eventually the mouse will go inside because it is a stupid mouse. then walk off with it to the park and leave it there. the theory is that the mouse will never come back.

of course this does not work. in our experience the mouse is back in 20 minutes looking for your chocolate stash.

Summer said...

LMAO @ Bonnie! I leave the spiders there as a warning too. OMG. I thought I was the only one.

Summer said...
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Reg Pither said...

"One more yank on the organ and mouse ran out between my feet."??? That's one of the crudest euphemisms I've ever heard.

Minnie said...

Humane trap:o) Walk 2 miles and let it go. Just think of all that exercise:o)) lol or

Starve the cat...or borrow my lot:o)

lol at Reg.