Monday, January 26, 2009

Well Roll Me Up And Call Me Curly

We had nocturnal visitors last night. Raccoons got into the mudroom again and molested Bear's food 'safe'. Luckily they don't come into the house proper. We had them last year for a single visit, hopefully they'll stick to that plan. They made quite a racket out at the hen house too. The old girls were really squawking this morning and all huddled in a corner. No loss of life thank goodness. I feel sorry for the hungry guys and wish there was a way to help them, but I know better.

I have a lunch date on Friday with some buds from my old days at "The Evil Coffee Empire". The company announced more lay offs at the Seattle corp. offices. The news said about 1000 people at that office. I'm sure to know many who will be leaving. It makes me count my lucky stars that I got out of that soul sucking place when I did. If I was still there I'd be in budgeting hell, not to mention letting staff go. Laying people off has got to be the worst. Firing someone is bad enough but letting good people go hurts. I think people thought I was nuts when I left, giving up a 'great' job and all. But for all their words, 'work/life balance' is just a phrase they use to appear like they care. There was never any work/life balance for me when I was there. - Hmmm... "Bitter, table for one"

All in all it's been a good day. I've been busy in the office all day and almost ran out of time to blog! Heavens!

Hope you all had a good day!



Kathy said...

I'm really saddened by the downward turn in the economy and what that means emotionally for so many people. And you know it will get a little worse before it gets better.

Isn't great that you followed your instincts and left before the slaughter? I'm glad for you.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope the lunch on Friday is enjoyable and not too overshadowed by the layoffs.

Glad your hens are safe.

meno said...

I see you like your coffee bitter. Can't blame you.

We have had raccoons come, uninvited, into our house too. I interrupted one who was trying to drag a huge plastic box of cat food out the door. He was SO CUTE!

Mo said...

Soul sucking eh? Cracked me up and you know I needed that today.

Have fun Friday with some of the old crew.

I'm thinking the mice told the raccoons where the good stuff was.

I am glad all the critters made it through the caper.

Jay said...

Having to tell someone they've been laid off is the crummiest thing in the world. At one of my former employers they always wanted us supervisors to do it.

One year they wanted us to lay off some people the Monday after Thanksgiving. We told the managers to go out there and tell the people who had been laid off themselves. They made HR do it. Pussies.

Dear Liza said...

Love the haircut, how about you?

I am happy that you made the choice to leave the coffee empire when you did, yes, I have to agree, letting people go because of economic bad times is the worst. At least when someone is fired....they have a part in it, something they, themselves caused. Layoffs? Just plain painful...

Happy Tuesday. Hugs.

Mary said...

Layoffs are the worst and there seems to be so many of them all around the country. Sad.

Haircut is really nice. Handsome guy, you are.

I had a pet raccoon when I was around 8 years old. What a clown. One day he saw a lady raccoon across our 10 acre horse paddock, opened the door to his yard, waddled across the field to meet the lady, and i never saw him again. Probably a good thing.

Gin said...

This is happening all over. It's so sad. I hope things get turned around soon.

Thank your lucky stars, sweetie!

Cheryl said...

Call you curly? That's a new one to me. Enjoy your day. Did I hear it snowed?

Leann said...

I certainly can understand the angst you must have felt when being told to lay someone off. How do you make that a positive thing? I watch as the economy downslides and am thankful every day I even have a job.

Ace C said...

Hopefully your coffee date went well.