Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goatie Update

Sad news this morning. Bess, the smaller brown goat miscarried overnight. We were concerned last night because she was panting quite a bit. We weren't sure it meant problems not having gone through this before, but we had separated Mr. Deeds, the billy away from the does. Anyway, Jay is quite sad. We're not full-fledged farmers yet so a few tears were shed. He was really looking forward to the babies. Belle, the larger gray doe is doing fine. She's bigger in size and appears to be only carrying one. I suspect Bess just wasn't big enough to carry two but I don't really know. Jay's headed back home now to take her to the vets office.

On to other things...

I called Bruce this morning and left him a message that I would indeed pick him up, all joking aside. I haven't heard back from him. Not to worry. The man's never had to work a day in his life. He can figure it out. Jay and he get along just fine. Even though they somewhat overlapped in my life if you follow my drift. Bruce was and is a great man. One of the smartest people I've ever known. He's nine years older then me and we were just at different places in our lives when we broke up. At the end he was moving to Hollywood and I knew LA wasn't my kind of town. Bruce was a playwright when we were together and I saw enough of the Seattle THEATAH scene to know I never wanted to live in Hollywood. Bruce has gone on to become an independent film producer, meaning he's (so far) produced one independent film. He has over the years sold a few treatments to the networks but nothing that produced any credits for him. More like story pieces and parts that were developed into other scripts.

Anyway - I knew at the time that I wanted something like what Jay and I have and that's were I went. At the end of our relationship, as well as through most of it, Bruce was out of the country more than he was in it. I met Jay when he was working on a play in Edinburgh for six months. When he got back, it just made sense to end it. He left for LA a few month later but has always been part of my family. My Mom & Sis still think of him as a son and brother. I'm the one in the hot seat when ever Jay and Bruce are together as they end up picking on me. But then I do make myself an easy target.

On the work front were muddling through. We've shuffled the deck on roles and responsibilities and the guys are pitching in to get the work done with our new open position. Unfortunately we're finding the quality of work the ex-employee had been doing wasn't good. We're finding more and more issues out in the field. The kind of stuff that wouldn't happen if the man had his mind on his job. I knew in my gut things weren't going right in the field and I should have acted sooner - dang it - We cycle through the commercial customers every 90 days so I'm sure well find more. Not exactly the time I want to be issuing a bunch of credits but there you have it. We're a small company and pride ourselves on doing quality work so this kind of thing hurts. Luckily it didn't get to the point where customers are complaining and hopefully we can put everything right quickly.

I just got a call from Jay and I need to run some parts out to the field. So no time to edit this so sorry for any mistakes.

Yay! ROADTRIP! and it's a sunny day! - Hope your day's going good.



Kathy said...

Sad about Bess. I hope she can carry another time. Please let me know what the vet says.
Thanks for sharing about your ex. We ALL have "A Road Not Taken" -- interesting, isn't it. There was a guy before Richard -- actually they overlapped a bit, too. I was head-over-heels for him. I came to realize, however, and quickly, that he did not feel the same.

happyone said...

Oh sorry to hear about Bess! Let's hope you never become full-fledged farmers if you can't shed a tear or two.
We have lots of sunshine today but oh the WIND.

Jay said...

Sorry about poor Bess. Hope she doesn't have any permanent problems or damage or anything from that.

Smocha said...

aww that's so sad about the goat. "I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin no goats."

Don't forget to take pictures of you all when the ex visits :)

Roads not taken? Usually a good thing we didn't take them.

Happy road trip!

fiwa said...

Poor Bess - such a long time to carry them, and all for nothing. I hope she's ok. Hugs to you and Jay.

Bruce sounds like a love - I hope you all have a good visit together.

Hang in there -
love you,

Leann said...

It is indeed sad that Bess lost her babies.

I'm sure you're customers will hang with you, especially when you are willing to make good and not argue with them.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday but is overcast, but fairly warm here.

Cheryl said...

That's sad about Bess. :(

How was the roadtrip? Hope it made your day.

Dear Liza said...

I'm sorry about Bess, too. I LOVE that you two are not the typical farmers and can cry over what I guess becomes my new place of employment, I work with a gal that is a farmer, and she was telling this story the other day about listening to a cat die..ugh, I KNOW I looked at her like she had two heads, but how can anyone, farmer or not--not be saddened by that?

But anyway, happy Friday to you.

Hugs, good friend. :)

ac said...

Hi Brad... I suppose it was inevitable I'd end up over here sooner or later. I see you everywhere I go on the intertoobz and all my most favoritest blog peeps heart you. :) I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. The email exchange with le X is priceless. lol Good Stuff. ac

Summer said...

Poor little Bessie. How is she doing tonight? How are you?

zirelda said...

I'm sorry to hear about Bess but I'm glad things are straightening out on the work front.

I'm an easy target too.

Gin said...

I'm so sorry about Bess. I hope she makes it thru. And I hope Belle has a nice healthy big kid for you farmers to love! And Hey! Farmers can cry too!!!

Luck with the biz stuff...that's gotta be frustrating!

Oh and luck with the ex!



Oh Brad, i'm sorry to hear about Bess. I hope she's okay.

How much fun did you have this weekend?


Ace C said...

Awwwww! What a sweet story.