Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Let's Do The Time Warp Again..."

We had our staff meeting down at the new office this morning. I guess it was the first morning I'd been in there when the sun was shining. The space fills up with sunlight. My office is on the side of the warehouse that gets the morning sun. I'll have to get some African Violet's for my window sill.

I'm really going to like the new space. Closer to home and so much more room. We passed inspections on the mechanical (HVAC) systems and electrical last week. We dang well had better pass the mechanical since that's our business. Next up is the structural inspection and we can start closing up the walls, sheet rock, paint and move!

We were suppose to have moved in Dec. I should know by now these things always take longer then planned. Jay and I have remodeled two house together and there are always delays. We lived in the upstairs of our old house for over a year while we stripped 80 years of paint off the wood work. I'll have to look for some old pics of that and post them. That was our place downtown, built in 1908 it was a wreck when we bought it. Six years later, and a hec of a lot of elbow grease and we sold it for more than twice what we paid. Of course that was back in the glory days of real estate. I must be missing that house, I've changed the subject and got totally lost in what I was saying....anyway...

Lolli found some old pictures of us from high school and posted them on Facebook. That's me in the brown. Lolli is my date, seated in front of me. Homecoming 1980.

Oddly, I still have the dance photographers version of this pic. Look at that hair!
This is most of our old highschool group. I still see all of them with the exception of Dennis and Denise to my right. Lolli's Dad took the picture in two snaps as you can see. Hello 1970's decor!

Here I look about 5 years younger than the first pic but it's from the same time. My friend Lorrie's standing next to me. Lorrie and I went shopping last Saturday. She still looks the same. Bitch. Kerry is seated with the blonde hair and bangs. I had the biggest crush on her at the time. She was the ultimate of cool in my book back then.
Again, look at my hair! Lordy.

It's noon now, and I've got nothing done so far today so I best get cracking. But hey! at least I got something posted.


Kathy said...

I love everything about this post. You all look so sweet.
The new business part sounds very exciting. Blessings.

Gin said...

It's just a jump to the left...and then a step to the riiiiiiiiight...

Darnit, that song will be stuck in my head all night. LOL

I love those are such a doll. I think you should grow your hair long again! It's coming back!

Leann said...

I'm lovin' the hair!! It's so 70's, brings back the memories. I need to get a scanner so I can share too.......NOT!!

Summer said...

First...I'm so happy about the window and the morning sun in your new office. It will make a world of difference in your life.

Now..on to the pictures. Don't you JUST CRINGE looking at them? The Baby gets a kick out of my 70's high school clothes and hair. Speaking of hair...I hate you for that gorgeous head of hair you have. OMG. My motto..."Never date anyone who has better hair than you." So...I could never have dated you. I'm sure Jay is so relieved. Ha!

Love you.

Build a Snow B the next time it snows there.

Jay said...

If you had music playing on your site you would have to play the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever" for this post. LOL

The 70's were something else.

Cheryl said...

You had the best hair of the group. Where's your tie Mr. Cool?

happyone said...

How nice to have the morning sun shining in your office!!
Always fun to look at old pictures!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh those photos bring back memories. I love the blue tux the other guy has on. That just screams 70s to me.

Smocha said...

I really must be senile. I missed the whole window part. lol I thought you meant "now" not the new office. doh!

You did have the best hair in the group. What kind of shoes were you guys wearing ? My friends used to wear tux's with blue sneakers.

I can't recall going to any of the dances back in the day. We moved to often.

Did you get my number right? :)

Happy Thursday

Dear Liza said...

This post made me laugh out loud, starting with the title...don't tell me that you were part of that fishnet stocking wearing, toast-throwing crowd..LOLOL

THEN, I read that your hvac had been approved, and I think --- well I would certainly think so..but then you said that, so LOLOL

And those pics...geez---just like looking straight back into my life. We must be almost the same age.

Hugs, friend...and thanks for the smiles. :)

fiwa said...

You had GREAT hair! I think you looked like James Spader.

I just found some pictures of myself from the 80's while I was at my mom's. Talk about hair.

Love you sweets - I'll be back to ketchup more later.

Missed you -

desert dirt diva said...

very cool, and you don't lookabad at all!

meno said...

Let's do the Time Warp again!

Those old HS pictures are always a riot. I love that you know of the same people still. That is so cool.

mama llama said...

Those are lovely, Brad. I enjoy time warps so much...especially hard to believe as I looked so horrible when I was young. Ugly duckling syndrome. Much better now.

Thanks for sharing. Be well.

Mary said...

Morning sun - wonderful; violets - wonderful, too. Waiting for renovation to be done - madening; screaming over the whole mess - just a dream.

I know you'll be glad to be in your new office. The wait and worry will be worth it.

I enjoy seeing pictures from folks high school days. You were a cutie pie - and still are. Now don't go blushin' 'cause I'll giggle if you do.

Scarlet said...

African violets in the morning sun will look beautiful.

Btw, that is NOT you in the second's Shaun Cassidy! ;)

Actually, I love your look; it's so 70s. If you wanna see some BIG hair, I'll post a few pics of me in the 80s. (Then again, you don't want to see THAT!!!)

Have a great weekend! :)

Boxer said...

We remodeled our office a few years ago and I loved having a "new" office, etc. I hope you do plant something pretty in the window.

I'm loving the photos! I graduated in 1978 and these pictures look soooo familar. Eeek.

Happy Friday!

MommiCombs said...

OMG. I have seen these pics before. I remember seeing them when I was a kid too! Ha ha! You guys are old now!!

Anonymous said...

you and lolli have matching hair cuts, that's so cute....and omg, the cal neck sweater thing in the second picture makes my stomach hurt a little bit.

Anonymous said...

and in the second picture you're totally looking like Shaun Cassidy and we all know how much I heart him.....yeah baby!

Ace C said...