Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poor neglected blog...

Life had been busy at the farm. Baby is finally now feeding on her own. It's been a long slow process from having to hold Belle immobile while baby nursed to slowly getting her used to the baby nursing on her own. But thankfully it's working. She gaining weight and growing just as she should be. And life can get back to something other then goats 24/7.

It's finally looking and feeling like spring. It so nice to have longer days and not feel like it's almost bedtime as soon as I get home. It's just not quite warm enough to get outside and play yet. I've finally figure out where I want to put my raised beds and now I'm just waiting for Jay to 'buy off' on it. I want to use a part of the driveway/parking area that's directly in front of the house. I want to place the beds in a square with an open place in the middle for benches. Eventually adding trellis to go around it all. It's also close to the water tap and I can get Jay to run irrigation out to it. I think I'll just go and buy the timbers and get things going. Jay hasn't agreed yet but he also hasn't said no either. This is a trick I learned from him. It's hard to stop something already in progress.

Work has been slow and quiet. Not too worrisome as it's normally quiet this time of year. We've had the guys working on the new office so it's almost ready to move into. They'll texture and paint this weekend and the carpet will be layed next week. It's good we had something for the guys to do during the slow time but paying salaries with out money coming in can only last a SHORT while. Two big commercial jobs start next week and that should carry us into summer - thank goodness.

We got our taxes back from the accountant on Monday and were pleasantly surprised that we had in fact saved more than enough to cover them. I was a bit nervous. We need to get better about projecting what they'll be. I don't like that feeling of not knowing. Thinking about that, I just now realised the whole first quarter has gone and we don't even have a plan yet for next year! Eeek!

I really haven't got anything newsie to tell. Things have just been humming along. I wanted to get something posted as I don't normally go for ten days with out a post. I haven't even looked at my google reader for days - I'm sure it's completely out of control. I'll get to that after I get today's paper work done.

Still haven't replaced the camera yet. I just know as soon as I do we'll find the receipt for the broken one. I'll do something about it this week. I don't want to miss any more goatie baby picture moments. I'll post something soon.

Hope your doing good!



happyone said...

Nice to see you back with a post. Glad things are going good.
The new garden your planning sounds nice.
It sure doesn't take long for GoogleReader to get out of hand. :-)
Enjoy your day!!

desert dirt diva said...

The garden sounds good,when we finlly find a house we can buy i wanna put a garden in somewhere, gotta find that perfect house tho.....have a great day

Cheryl said...

It doesn't feel like spring yet. It's that in-between time. The trees are budding, the days are longer but it's cold. I can't wait for warm weather. I need it for my soul :))

Kathy said...

Yea!!! Brad posted!! We really missed you. I'll piggy-back with what Cheryl said -- It does NOT feel like spring here. Only 40 today and raining. Fits perfectly with my sore throat and sore ribs from coughing. UGH!
Glad Belle is falling into motherhood. Don't forget to get a camera so we can keep track of your raised beds. A photo of Jay would be good, too.

meno said...

I will join the chorus asking for baby goat pictures.

The word taxes strikes terror into my heart. Please don't mention it again. Thank you very much!


I'm just happy to hear how things are going!

and I can't wait to see pics of the raised beds..very cool!!

Leann said...

It's good to hear happy baby goat news!!

The raised beds sound nice, especially with benches so you can enjoy natures beauty.

I'm loving the longer days, the sounds of spring, but I could go for more warmth also. It's suppose to be 60 here tomorrow, but of course the rain will be in attendance as usual.

It's so good to see you back Brad. I miss reading your posts.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I've really missed you and am glad you're back. Can't wait to see goatie pictures...
Also can't wait to see the new offices. I bet you'll be so glad to get moved into new quarters.
big hugs.

fiwa said...

I actually heard your blog crying one day, and I came over and petted it for you. *snicker* Dude, you know I had to get you back for all those times you sent me an email or left a comment that said "Post please!" You know I love you.

I hope you get the camera thing figured out soon, I am dying for pictures of Moon & Belle. I'm glad to hear they're doing well.

your seattle sister

Scarlet said...

Hey, you're back...and so is Spring. I hope you get out there and have some outdoor fun this weekend!

Dear Liza said...

Your life sounds happy and good. I think it's fitting.

Happy weekend to you...get those flower beds done.

Hugs, good buddy. :)

Boxer said...

There you are! Glad to hear all is well in your world, especially that baby goat. :-)

I'm in Sun Land right now, but truth be told.... I'll be glad to return to start my Spring.

It was great meeting for coffee.