Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep Peep

These little guys showed up in the mail on Monday. This time the shipment didn't go so well. They spent the weekend at the post office and I'm afraid got too cold. We've lost about 1/2 of the order of 25 so far. It's never happened before so I'm blaming the post office for not following the instructions on the side of the box: "Call Recipient" with phone number - idiots. They are currently in the basement in the kindercoop. You have to dance with Miss Lilly to get downstairs now. I swear someone removed the insulation in the basement ceiling. From the living room it's just peep, peep,peep, peep, peep. But it's not really annoying. They are fun to watch.

Had a nice lunch with Fiwa and Mo on Tuesday. We went to the Olive Garden. I'd never been before. The food was good but he restaurant was really noisy - kinda hard to catch up with all the noise. We're planning a crafty-day at my house in the next couple weeks. (the emails coming Mo) anyone else wanna join ? (Anonymous Boxer? I'm looking at you!)

We're needing to hire a service mechanic for the company. I've been using the states unemployment website, Worksource looking for resumes but oddly haven't really found anything yet. You'd think more people would be looking but it's always been hard to find qualified HVAC people. I'd really like to hire a woman but you just don't see resumes just aren't out there. I'd like to hire a woman because I'm tired of dealing with 20-something guys who have never heard of a work ethic. Is that some sort of reverse sex discrimination? Well fine, sue me.

It's bad enough that I broke down and placed an ad on Craigslist, We already have a recruiter who scours the job websites like Monster but we'd rather not pay the premium of going though an agency. I've heard a lot of wild stories from people posting adds on Craigslist and all the crazies it brings out. I posted the ad about 1/2 an our ago so well see if my inbox gets any crazy mail. Maybe I'll post them here if it does.

Rain has been keeping me out of the garden this week. Even though I'm well ahead of my game plan so far this year I still have tons to do. We're suppose to get good weather this weekend so that's where I'll be. Jay's headed to his folks to 'do something' with their fish pond. The 10 to 15 fish we gave them years ago have multiplied to over a hundred and need thinning out. Some will come back to our place and some going to friends with new ponds.

Be good & play well with others.


P.S. Hope4grace, if you don't comment I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue!


Jay said...

More animals for the farm! Is the post office going to compensate someone for the little chicks they MURDERED?

Hope4Grace said...

How long did you make it????

Yes, I completely and utterly suck at comments (I blame google reader, handy little tool of the devil) but I always read you my dear. You're the top of my list..

So here's the burning question...does your basement smell like pooh? And when can I send my kids to the farm, I need a vacay.

fiwa said...

Awww...they're so CUTE! I wanna snorggle one!

It's hard to try to eat and catch up at the same time. Coffee woulda been smarter, now that I think about it.

Play-day, a play-day, we're gonna have a play-day. I can't wait. :)

Oh goodness, be sure to share the Craigslist craziness with us. I keep checking on there because occassionally there are some normal jobs listed - but there are a lot of weird ones too. Good luck finding someone. :)

love you

meno said...

I may want to come to the craft day, but i would spend the whole time playing with the chicks and the goats and the cat and the dog.

I'm sick of rain too.

Leann said...

They are so cute and I'm SO sad that they are dying. Shame on the Post Office!!

I hope you get a woman for your business. Altho I worry about her working with all those guys.

Stay sweet.

Kathy said...

Poor chicks! So what color will they be when they grow up?
I want to be a part of your group!

happyone said...

Oh sorry to hear some of those cute little chicks died - poor things.
They are so cute!!!

Boxer said...

sun this weekend!!! and I'm super sad to hear about your order of baby chicks and I'm hoping the rest continue to flourish under your care.

Did someone say LUNCH???


Boxer said...

p.s. I've used Craigslist with better success than the state's website.

Boxer said...

oops, I mean CRAFY DAY. Even better. I'll bring lunch.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of you and those baby chicks!

<---grew up in the country.

Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

They are so cute! Sad the Post Office are such dimwits. Poor chicks :(

Scarlet said...

I can't believe the post office didn't contact you! They should do SOMETHING about this. Those chicks in the pic look adorable, btw.

I think Craigs List is a good idea. Not ALL the crazies go on there to look for jobs...just some of us. ;)

Count my in for crafty day at your place! I'm curious as to what you plan to make.

Have a great weekend...and play well with Jay! :)

zirelda said...

Damn, wish I lived there. I'd do HVAC in a hot minute. Got my first lesson in it yesterday actually.

The chicks are so cute.

And did I mention I'm growing my own rhubarb so I can sandcast one of the leaves for a birdbath?

Golden To Silver Val said...

DON'T get me started on the twits that work (?) at the post office. They have SO gone DOWN DOWN DOWN hill. The ones who've been there a while can't wait to retire and get out...they are so embarrassed by the incompetence of their newer co-workers. I could tell you horror stories....most of it is just plain LAZINESS. Make them PAY for those chicks and make enough of a stink so they won't do it again...let the public know just how lazy they've become. What's been going on with the goatie girls and the little one? xxoo

Cheryl said...

It was great to have a woman show up to install my thermostat. You never see women service people around here, unless you count the female firefighter who showed up today.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Such cute chicks. I'm so sorry to read that the PO neglected the package and kills some.


seriously you should make a nice call to the postmaster..that's just awful.

craft day!! Oawwwwwwwwwwh..I wanna come.. Can I request and buy a brad?
that's what I am going to refer to your talents:


(will you please let me buy a brad? I love your craft ideas!

lil sis. :)

Dear Liza said...

Poor little chickies! Stupid, stupid post office employees.

I'd love to work for you. Unfortunately, I don't know a damned thing about the biz...but still, if you need a really old hag on your team, just give me a call.



Tina... said...

i want a peep...

Ace C said...

Now that's a dogon shame.

fiwa said...

Hey you - I just stopped by to say hi & I love you. Did you see Ace's most recent post? It appears he will be in town around the middle of next month.

Hope you & Jay & all your various furbabies are well.

hugs -
your seattle sister

Mariposa said...

Awwww....I love the little chickies!! So cute!

I tell you, Brad. Seattle next summer is sounding better and better!

Have a great Sunday!

Leann said...

o.k...the chicks are chickens now, it's time to post :-)

Grit said...

yup, i've been coming over here for my goat fix. where are you fellas?

Anonymous said...

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