Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Back.

Hello there - did ya miss me? I'm alone in the office for the first time since we moved in. The 'owners' have been in the office a lot ever since we moved in. Much more so than the ever were before we moved. Hopefully the new-ness will wear off soon and they'll be back in the field more soon. You can translate that to mean out from under foot too. Or in my office, or just generally in the way. Remember, respect is earned.

Anyway, I'm really liking the new place. It's a great commute for Jay & I. We drop down the hill from home - get on the freeway and go south 1 exit and we're here. The fastest I've clocked it so far is 7 minutes. Now if there was just a grocery store, gas station and post office in between here and there commuting life would be perfect.

I brought Bear into work with me the first few days but the general commotion around here was a little hard for him to deal with. Too many people moving around (to be followed around) and too much activity for him. It was a chore just to get him to settle down and stay put and as soon as I did have him settled someone would come in and start it all over again. On the third morning I was going to bring him in he balked. I was ready to go, picked up my keys and turned to him and said "Ready to go to work?!" He gave me a look, grumble and turned around and went upstairs to crawl back in bed. Well, OK then! We'll try it again sometime son - maybe 1/2 days would be more to his liking. Another issue is he knows the park is just down the road so he associates the shop with going to the park. He's pretty clear with the body language when he's wants to go play. Actually I think he'd rather stay home and see if Nana or an auntie will come play with him. The dog has a better social life than I do.

I brought my camera today to take pics of my office and 'the window' (s), of course the battery is dead - so that will have to wait. My window looks out on our parking lot and the abandon house across the road. It's a strange little neighborhood. Residential and commercial/light industry all throw together. I've walked around mentally trying to date the structures and my best guess is it was a residential area first the came the businesses that crowded them out. There are still some inhabited homes in the mix though. Two of them across the street from our bay doors. Next to us is a family run business that sells ice making machines for restaurants and bars. Very nice people. They had us over for an ice cream social/meet and greet, which was fun, and very nice of them to do.

The abandoned house across from the parking lot is completely over grown with plants, so much so you can barely see the house. It's also home to a large population of cats. There not exactly feral but not exactly tame either. They will come close to me but not close enough to pet. They're all very skinny, or more likely the look how cats are supposed to when not over fed by humans.

The nearby park is Ft. Dent, it's also has the Starfire Sports Center in it. A large soccer/sports complex. The Seattle Sounders practise and play some games there. We can go out our back door and down half a block to the trail by the river that goes into the back side of the park.

Across from the road from ice machine company is one of Odwalla's distribution centers. If you've never tried their juices I highly recommend their plain old straight up orange juice - the best I've ever had - anyway, they have cute drivers and a great product so we'll be cozying up to them given the first opportunity.

Well I'll end this by teling you that we're all fine - just been busy - It was nice to take a little blogging hiatus but I'm back now so I'll blog more soon. It's funny how you can feel torn about blogging. First I didn't write because I didn't have time. Then it seems funny to read blogs will not posting(I know, weird) Then I felt bad for not keeping up with everyone - thank god it all just in my own head!
Sorry for dropping off the planet there for a while.


desert dirt diva said...

hey I'm first.. and i'm glad your back:) we missed you, also would love to go explore that old house.....have a great day and thanks for voting!

happyone said...

A nice newsy post and I'm glad to see you back. You've been missed.
Sounds like a nice short commute. Ken used to have a commute like that - now that we've moved it takes him about 20 minutes which isn't too bad.

Smocha said...

I'm glad you're back too. We were bored without you!

Isn't Odwalla apple juice the one that started an ecoli thing a while back? I think so.

Can't wait to see the pics of the new digs:)

Kathy said...

Wow!! YOU'RE BACK!!! Can't wait to see all the new photos.

Boxer said...

You've been very, very busy!

Goat pictures! Goat pictures!

Glad you're back.

Dear Liza said...

YEA!!! You're back!


Donna said...

There have been lots of bloggers on summer hiatus. I've kept blogging, but I haven't been reading others' blogs as steadily as I once did.

Welcome back.

Cheryl said...

The first thing I did when I saw you posted was to scroll down for your pictures. Ah, no battery. I hate it when that happens.

Great newsy blog post. Just the kind I like. Great description of the new work neighborhood.

MD has always been big on zoning laws. Residential and industry don't mix much. The first time I ever saw the mix was in Houston. I was amazed!

Keep blogging. I am. Not that that should be YOUR reason, just saying...It's a great way to be in touch with friends :)

Jay said...

Glad you finally made it back. I thought maybe you had given up on us. ;-)

Hope you guys enjoy the new place. Sounds pretty cool. Especially the fast commute.