Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fine Tuning (Ode To A Dead Camera)

I did a stupid thing. I was using my camera on Sunday and the lens got stuck in the out position. So I did what any man worth his salt would do. I smacked it. Well the lens went back in. You can probably guess the rest.

Every time Cheryl mentions buying electronics she nearly always advises to get the warranty. A little voice in my head always say 'that's a really good idea'. Now if I can just find that little card.

Here's the last of the picture out of that little cam, at least for a while.

This is the lamp Jay's been making. Just off the form and on the light box. He's got another row acrossed the bottom on, kind of rounding it under. He's putting on the hardware now and picked up a cool bronze base for it. My favorite part is when he puts the patina on the solder and it ages.

Here's Bess (with the horns) and Belle. Both pregnant but not yet showing. Those would be their normal figures. Such ladies. Bless.

Painting ceramics with the kids.

The Christmas Carousel downtown

Seattle Center

I'd walked out the back door, acrossed the feild and down around the front of the house. I was trying not to set off the motion sensor for the light in the drive way. Bear followed me and then walked right into it.




Jay said...

The little lens cover got stuck half closed on my camera the other day. I threw caution to the wind and forced it back into place. It worked when I hit the power button. I got lucky. Very lucky.

You're Christmas lights look beautiful.

Mo said...

Very nice pictures.

I hope Bear lets me snuggle with him for a bit when I meet him. That'd be sweet.

Sorry to hear about the camera. I'd probably run right out and buy a new one the very next day. You know how attached to mine I am.

mama llama said...

I never buy a warranty on anything because everything will go wrong the day after the warranty is up. That's the way my life works. But your pictures are nice--I really do love that lamp.

Winter's glory does shine through; the joy of the season comes out in time spent together, doesn't it? The cold almost forces us together, if only for warmth...

Be well, Brad.

tt said...

Ooooooooooo....I love the pictures! And that lamp!!!....wowsers!! My SIL does stained glass too. She made us a piece to go into a transom window above our front door and I adore it. Wish I had talent like that.;)

Happy weekend big guy!
xo(Lovee hugged me for you btw - it was great!)

Smocha said...

Loved the pics! Love the lamp!The Christmas lights! Seattle!

Thanks for sharing .

Maybe if you take the battery out of your camera it will reset itself ,like the computer. (???)

That's what I'd try. lol

zirelda said...

I love your Christmas lights. I'll have to take a picture of ours.

I also really love how the patina ages the solder. Jay is doing a great job on your lamp. I bought one last year because the one time I did stained glass my piece seemed to melt apart in a couple of months. I must not have gotten the copper foil on very well. :)

Happy Friday Brad!

happyone said...

Your Christmas lights look very pretty. Love all the pictures. I really like the lamp shade that Jay has made. It's beautiful!! I'll have to show Ken, maybe someday he could make one for me.

fiwa said...

I can't believe that lamp shade that Jay made. It is GORGEOUS! It really is stunning.

I'm sorry about your camera - because I love the photos of your lights and of Bear and Mz Lilly. They look so cute, snuggling butt-to-butt.

love you -

meno said...

Ummm, how does one tell if a goat is pregnant?

Gin said...

I love the photos!! Adorable pets, goats, great lamp...I want one!!! And the scenery is great!!! Looks like you had a blast doing ceramics!!

Summer said...

Well, I just have to have that lamp. It's perfectly perfect. Now for you and that camera... you and The Baby are cut from the same cloth. That's why I don't have a video cam anymore. Ha!

Lovely home, lovely babies...have a great weekend.

Leann said...

OMG...I have not laughed like that in quite some are always amusing, and I say that in the fondest way possible :-) really!!

Love the pics of the lamp..beautiful.

And thekitty against funny.

Loved the post Brad!!

Cheryl said...

Great post. Too bad no more pictures. It sounds like you did buy the warranty? If so, did you register it? There must be some record of it. If not...I was just reading consumer reports. They say not to buy warranties. I've always needed them for cameras and my laptop. That's just me. I'm going to take a picture of something and blog about it, just for you.

I especially love the picture of the family doing ceramics together. Em and I never did that, but we used to play cards. It's just good to do ordinary things together.

Jay is really talented. I'm glad to see he's working.

Nice lights. It's Jay that gets up on the roof, right? I'm telling you, I need a man.

Golden To Silver Val said...

What a beautiful lamp! I really enjoyed all your pix...keep 'em comin'. Hope your days are as stress-free as possible. Relax with a drink and rekindle good memories. Hugs!

Kelly Jene said...

I love all the photos. The Needle in the fog is gorgeous. As is the lamp Jay is making. Wow! He should do those full time!

Love and hugs...

Real Live Lesbian said...

WOW!!!! If your man ever wants to have an affair with a married lesbian in TN and give her gifts of glass...

you know where to send him! LOL

Love the pics!!!!

Scarlet said...

Beautiful lamp. Actually, all the pics are wonderful...and I like the way you ended it with the one of Bear. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Just stoppin' by to spread some pre-Christmas cheer (hic). Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm early but what the hay! Cheers sweetie!! Hugs.

desert dirt diva said...

hey i won't one of those lamps, looks like a tiffany sort of, but way cool!!!!!hey maybe were ever you bought your camera they mioght have the warranty paper on file.. good luck, with the your animals too!

susi said...

The lamp is wonderful. We bought a Tiffany lamp years ago - went all the way to Glasgow for it and paid a fortune - and it's not as beautiful as that.