Thursday, December 11, 2008

13 shopping days left!

Jay and I both took last Friday and Monday off work and made it a 4 day weekend. We were able to get all of the Christmas decorations up and the house is ready. We had originally intended to head for Cannon Beach for a few days but I just couldn't justify spending the money. Watching the nightly news gives me a bad case of the "what if's"

The lack of daylight is taking it’s toll on me yet again this year. Not in a big way. I just kinda feel like a reptile, you know how their whole bodies slow down in the cold? That’s about me right now. I’m not depressed or anything just about two steps away from hibernation.

Nothing much new to report. Work is going along just fine. The new approximate move in date for the new office is mid-January. My anticipation for that date is really just all about having room in my office for Bear to come hang out during the day.

I’ve been dealing with bad skin on my face for like the last year or so. I read about Shea butter about a year ago and have been using that for a while and it’s helped a great deal. However I have still had these damned red spots on my face that just won’t seem to go away. They don’t really develop like pimples per say but just red spots that seem to move around. I’ve been noticing people who used a product called Pro-Active had really good skin so even though I’m pretty sure I don’t have acne I thought I’d give it a try. My niece uses it and has great skin so I thought what the hec. Well I used it twice following the directions (I think) and by the second application I’d done quite the burn number on my skin. Luckily I had the 4 days off to let it heal. I looked like hell there for a while. But once off the dead skin peeled off, guess what? No more spots. I guess I’ll just have to find the right amount to use as to not burn myself again.

At least I’m looking good for my hot date with two ladies on Saturday. Barring any extreme weather, Mo & Fiwa are coming over on Saturday to see us. I’m really looking forward to it. Snow is in the forecast but I doubt it will amount to anything. But a little of the white stuff would be nice!


fiwa said...

I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations - I bet it's gorgeous.

We must talk about this shea butter- pro active stuff. I need to be indoctrinated.

I'm doing a "no-snow" dance every evening to hold the snow at bay so we can come and see you.

love you -

Ace C said...

Is this the new bolg Brad? It's been sometime since I've been around. Let me know so I can bookmark it.

Boxer said...

have you considered taking Flax Seed Oil? It can help with skin problems. Buy it at Super Supplements.

And congrats on getting the decorations up.. I'm still looking at mine.. in the boxes!

Gin said...

Brad, don't forget to drink lots of water...that's the best thing for skin!! Not only will it help it look better but it will heal faster.

You and Fiwa are so lucky...give each other a hug for me!!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'll second what Gin and Fiwa give each other a big hug from me. I miss her. I am feeling sort of "off" right now too. I'm not fond of cold weather and we've had some bone chilling nights here lately. I just keep saying to more day closer to day closer as each day passes.
Hope you find the right solution for your skin. Maybe a visit to a dermatologist wouldn't be a bad idea so you don't do any damage to that baby face of yours.
When I get stressed, I can count on a breakout of eczema in a few spots on my face. One time I had to use steroid cream to get it under control because I was so stressed out...but lately I have been using olive oil (facial) and its worked wonders. I think I've told you about this company before. You really should check them out. They sell men's products too.

Jay said...

I haven't tried Pro-Active, but anything good enough for Kelly Clarkson is good enough for me.

mama llama said...

I sure hope you have fun with Mo and Fiwa. Glad you all can meet up for some fun!

My legs get the worst of it in the winter. I wonder if it is the tights I wear to keep warm. I have been putting pure coconut oil on them lately which has helped greatly--so hard to find good moisturizers without soy in them.

Princesita has learned the joy of point-click-buy and "look for free shipping"...that alone has made Christmas much easier!!

I'm not on, either. I never am in December, and it's better this year than in the past, but my world just feels so off kilter. I need---something. Something.

Be well, Brad.

Summer said...

You lucky duck! Have fun with the girls!

Smocha said...

I need pictures of the decorations!!!

i hope you fixed your camera. Well, now you guys will have to come to England to visit me:)

Perhaps you have rosatia.(that's spelled wrong BTW) men can get that too.

I'm about to have to dismantle my frekin' modem...gah! wish i had a man to do it.

Have fun seeing the girls :)

Luv me

happyone said...

I'm not crazy about the cold and gray days of winter either, but getting out and walking each morning does wonders!! Sets the mood for the whole day. :-)

Have fun Saturday with Mo & Fiwa!

mama llama said...

Oh, yeah...I'm Dancer.

Of the reindeer.

But I think we all already knew that, didn't we?

:) Be well, Brad.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Have fun with the girls!


You WON!!!! You're one of the winners of my Pay It Forward!


Cheryl said...

I wish I were joining your group tomorrow. Think of me, OK?

Leann said...

Enjoy your Saturday with friends! Snow would be good....from my perspective :-)

zirelda said...

I always think I'm part bear this time of year. Just want to eat and sleep. Only 10 more days till the shortest day of the year and we can start counting up again.

Grit said...

well i agree about becoming a reptile because that is exactly my condition too. the heating is broke down, we are nearly at the shortest day, and my skin is vitamin d deficient and peeling off my face, making for an especially attractive zomboid look. and then as you point out it's so close to christmas we can sneeze at it. god i'm miserable now.

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