Sunday, December 14, 2008


The snow held off long enough for Fiwa and Mo to come to brunch yesterday. It was great to spend time with those two and just hang out. Our buddy Ace put in a guest appearance via cell phone and chatted for a few minutes. I made fruit salad and omelette's. Omelette's were not a very good 'brunchy' choice as you end up making them instead of sitting down to talk. After we ate we painted ceramics. It's like our new hazing ritual around here.

It started snowing at about 8:00 last night and made it a perfect night to hold up and watch old movies. Bear & I stayed up till after midnight watching it snow.

I woke up around 3:00 to what I thought was Jay's alarm clock going off. I remember thinking it wasn't that loud and I could blow it off and go back to sleep. Which I did. I think that happened twice. The next thing I knew Jay was waking me up and telling me the CO2 detector was going off and I needed to go downstairs. Turns out that the secondary heat exchanger in the furnace fried and was sending CO2 into the house. Great. Really not good. The alarm on the fire detector is about 5 times as loud. You'd think the CO2 thing would be as loud. If I'd have been alone I could have slept through it and... well not slept through it. So please check your detectors so you at least know what they sound like!

So there you have it. The HVAC guys furnace doesn't work on the coldest day of the year so far. We do have the heat pump but it has to be manually over-ridden every couple of hours. We raided the goats heater and have the house up to 64* right now. It's about 25* outside. Jay's trundled off to get another space heater for the goats.

We're suppose to be going down to Jay's folks house for a family early Christmas with their extended family but I'll be staying behind to 'tend the home fires'. For Jay it's a command performance regardless of ice & more snow coming. I'm not happy about him driving an hour each way but at least his brother will be with him.

I happened to pass the closet in the dining room this morning and noticed two boxes of those little Christmas village ceramic building thingies. I asked Jay about them and he said that he had either got them for us 'If I wanted to have them out' or their for his mother. Mother already has a small Christmas city and I'm sure that unless he went to a specialty shop, which I know he did not, these would be duplicates to ones Mother already has and he knows it. He knows their not my thing but this is his coy way of testing the waters. I'll set them up while he's seeing his folks.

Happy Sunday!



Smocha said...

Sounds like fun, freezing. NOT!

In my house in Wa. my only heat was a wood stove. At first I had NO idea how to build a fire. It was freezing in there.

Hope you get your heater fixed.

Did you read my blog? They took my baby Cavuto away. :(((

Happy Monday

Summer said...

WHAT? No pictures?

I hope you're staying warm this morning.

Leann said...

Wow, close call. Glad to hear things went well Brad.

Love christmas village

fiwa said...

Oh man! I'm so glad the alarm woke Jay up. How scary.

I hope you guys are staying warm enough.

I had so much fun on Saturday - THANK YOU!!!!!!

love and hugs,

happyone said...

Glad you all had a fun time Saturday. Always fun to meet up with blogging friends!!

Hope you are now nice and warm.

I took the reindeer test - I'm Prancer.

Gin said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Fiwa and Mo! But how scary about your CO2 thingy!!

Stay warm! And I'm going to have Andy check our CO2 alarm in a minute!!

mama llama said...

Wow...there is never a dull moment there, is there?

I would make a trip JUST to paint ceramics with you. What a wonderful "hazing" tradition.

Be well, Brad! Only 10 more days...!

Cheryl said...

You're a sweetie :)

Mo said...

I am so glad Jay woke up and all is ok. Cold but good all things considered.

Thank you for hosting. It was a great time. I promise to post the pictures and commentary by Wednesday.

As for hazing, that was very tame. I'll come back for more please.

Now if you or Jay had asked me to scoop goat poop, that I might have considered hazing but considering how fascinated I was with them, I would have most likely agreed!

Hope everyone is staying warm.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Here's wishing you some Tennessee warmth!

Soooo glad Jay heard the alarm!!!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is horrible...cold outside and your furnace goes! Here's hoping you can get it fixed ASAP....or maybe you have to have a new one. I'm so glad I got my new one last March...even though the old one still worked, it was getting very tired (after 30 years of service).
We have some bad weather headed our way again so I need to go out and get some needed supplies. Hope you're staying warm. Talk to you soon. xxoo

Ace C said...

Awwwww. How sweet of you to set them up. The conference call with well, even though I couldn't understand what anyone was saying.


That's it, I'm coming to Washington for a visit! painting, eating,..chatter and much more fun do you need..

ahh yes, a bear panting in the corner silently dreaming.


bonnie said...

I want pictures too. Can you show me what painting ceramics is? Do you have to cook the paint on? Is it little bunnies and stuff?