Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You want that when ?

The Pacific Northwest rarely gets below freezing and when it does we all go bonkers. This week so far has been pretty nuts trying to keep up with all the customers and non-customers who are with out heat. The trick is to balance it all so you keep techs in the same general geographic area while trying to balance who called first, who is a regular customer, residential takes priority over commercial to some degree, families with kids come first. You may or may not be surprised at how angry someone can get because your choosing to send the tech to a home with children over their business. Monday morning I had the patients to reason with them. That's wearing thin very quickly. My favorite call so far was a lady yesterday who called and said they'd been remodeling their house and they needed ducts and registers added for the party their having on Friday night. She 'HAD' to have a bid on the job that day and she wanted the work done by Thursday. HA! ha ha ha ha

and Ha!

Our new furnace will be installed as soon as we can free the guys up to do the work. We still have the heat pump so we're not with out. It's still a bit chilly in the house. Bear and Miss Lilly are coming up with new and creative ways to spoon each other. Very cute.

Well that was my 15 minutes of fun - back to the phones - Hope your all doing well!


Ace C said...

I guess some people feel that heat is heat and damn everyone else.

meno said...

It's pretty damned cold, that's the truth.

Makes me glad we had the foresight (for once) to get our furnaces (yes, we have two) serviced a few months ago.

Hope your patience holds out, if not, we won't blame you.

fiwa said...

Oh buddy, I feel for you. What it comes down to is you can't please everyone. *Sigh* for two bucks I would come answer the phones for you. I don't know how much longer I can keep my cool here.

I think Bear and Miss Lilly need their own electric blanket! ;)

Jay said...

What about old people? Surely you put old people near the top of the list too!

There's always some entitled rich bitch who thinks that your business exists strictly to serve her. She probably feels the same about everyone else in the world too.

SOUL: said...

that's how i feel... gimmee my damn heat and F everyone else. i rent, therefore i have priority. :))

"KEEL my landlord"


love ya brad

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh, customer service is TOUGH!

I've misplaced your email....

Sooo, I need you to email me five things that you love. I'm needing some clues on my pay it forward. Going shopping this week, so I can send you something fun and uplifting!



I'm in a PISSSSSSSSSY mood.

but I am glad to hear that your furnace is well!!
miss you brother!!

Smocha said...

Thanks for the laughs honey! I really needed that:)

Luv me

Gin said...

It's good to see this problem from the other perspective! I'm usually the customer calling to complain. LOL

Stay warm!!! We're having a heat wave today...it's 17 degrees!

Boxer said...

Ha Ha Ha to THAT Lady, is right. I'm glad I had my furnace serviced a few weeks ago because nobody in this part of the country can handle extreme cold (or heat.) We are soooo "spoiled" by the rain... which I'm missing right now.

Stay warm and keep your sanity when answering those phones.

Cheryl said...

Do you have a fake smile on your face while you're on the phone? I can picture it. I've been without air conditioning in a terrible heat wave, but I'm sure the loss of heat would be worse.

It's going to get warmer soon, right?

Leann said...

Your lack of planning is not my crisis!!

Kelly Jene said...

Stay warm my sweet! It's pretty cold out here. The nearby hills are threatening to kill us. I like to stay off the streets just to stay away from the idiots. Now that my van is broken, I can stay home all the time. Ugh.

I can imagine the kinds of calls you get. God bless you for putting true priority on the ones who need it most. Love you!!

Summer said...

I know all about those phone calls. I got one yesterday. A man insisted on having a vasectomy on Friday. Ha!