Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

I bet we get more snow days here then the rest of the country. Not that we get more snow, we just give up and the first sign of it and take the day off. Maybe it's just me, there are plenty of people sitting on the freeway trying to get somewhere.

Bear's a bundle of puppy energy wanting to get back out and dance in the snow. He's discovered he can eat it and has been hoovering the driveway. Well it's too cold for me little dog. We're both home and warm. Luckily we were able to sort out the worst 'no heat' cases yesterday. The phones are forwarded to me but their quiet so far. Knock wood.

Mo was kind enough to take pics of our Christmas tree for us. I'm still with out a camera. Looks like Miss Lilly's been playing around the bottom there. She's typically ensconced on the tree skirt surveying her domain.

The weather is suppose to stay with us through the weekend which kind of mucks up my shopping plans. My family has decided to for go gift giving to the adults which takes a lot of pressure off. The downside of that is I haven't been too worried about getting the shopping done because I thought/am thinking it will be a breeze. Now it looks like I may have to fight the weather or not have as much time I thought i did. Typical of me to procrastinate.

I've been thinking about my posts lately. I used to get ideas about a post and they'd kind of percolate for a day or two before I'd right them out. I think the used to have something to say. Lately I just seem to ramble. I want to get back to more thoughtful posts. I don't normal look at my archived posts. I'm too self critical and it makes me cringe. But maybe re-reading some will get me motivated. Thinking outloud here. outtype? Well, you know...

It's nice being hold up in the house here with Jay. That man is so full of joy normally, a snow day about puts him over the top. I'm so lucky.



fiwa said...

I'm so glad you guys stayed at home today. Have fun together. :)

I am alone because my nutjob husband HAD to go into to work.

I have had enough of this ice & snow stuff now... make it go away, kay?

Hope you get that shopping done.
love you -

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh I love days like that! Trace *LOVES* the snow!!!! She's going to flip when we get out of the car in Michigan on Christmas day!


Smocha said...

OMG does your house and tree look beautiful! I'm movin' in with you guys, well , me and cavuto. lol

I'm about to post MY tree. Bwa ha ha !!

Luv me

happyone said...

Glad you're enjoying your day at home. Your house and tree look soooo very nice!

Lots of snow days here in Maryland for us too and for the same reason as you. Schools here have been known to close because of the threat of snow!!!

I think all of us are critical about the posts we write but I always enjoy reading whatever you have to say.

mama llama said...

Brad, your home looks so festive! I love your tree.

I have heard all about the snow all the way up and down the I-5 corridor and even in Vegas where my sister is. And here? Can we squeeze a flake out of those freezing clouds? No friggin' way.

I just want a snowday. If it's going to be this cold, just as well it snow!

Be well, stay healthy and warm.

Ace C said...

Good stuff man. I guess I will use your tree as my Christmas tree this year.

Gin said...

Your tree (and house) are so pretty!! I love snow days too and hopefully we'll finally have one. We NEVER get snow days. It's a conspiracy to keep us under the thumb of the establishment! LOL Or something!

Stay snuggly warm guys!

P.S. I can so relate to Jay's joy of snow days!!

Kelly Jene said...

I tried so hard to get Roggie to stay home. Stubborn man.

Enjoy the snow.... it does tend to add an air of excitement, doesn't it??

Golden To Silver Val said...

Your home looks lovely!! If you would like some more snow, I have plenty. I'll send you some. We have another winter storm warning posted..possibility of 8 MORE inches of the lovely white stuff. Ho Ho effin Ho.
I only like snow on Christmas Eve and Day and it sure looks like we'll have that with no problem.
Stay warm sweetie. xxoo

Scarlet said...

I would KILL for a snow day...however, not this weekend. I still have last-min. shopping to do. Like you, I procrastinate because I love to wait an hour for a parking spot at the mall and another hour waiting in line for a register.

Btw, I love it when you ramble. :)

tt said...

I LOVE your tree room!! So festive I could almost smell the pine!!

and keep doing the ramble.....I love to read you when your here and there ;)...makes me smile!
Merry Christmas babe!!!
hugs to jay too ;)

Leann said...

Boy my house looks a tad bare compared to your lovely home. Love the tree and garland.

I like the ramblin' posts. They are 'you'.

Summer said...

Your living room looks lovely with your decorations. And you are a lucky guy! I'm pea green.

Hope4Grace said...

OMGawd, I'm loving your living room. Can you come over and decorate my livingroom? Great room? help remodel the basement? Just move in...

Grit said...

that is a beautiful tree. do you have any idea how tasteful it looks? no plastic bags? cuddly toys? sports equipment? *sigh*

Cheryl said...

I'm playing catch-up. Have you tried coffee for inspiration? I always write better after a venti caramel latte extra hot extra shot.

Parkerevka said...

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