Friday, January 23, 2009

Boredom is just a lack of imagination, I know, I know...

Lunch today was General Tao's chicken with a side of Gyoza.

The Mr. Crankypants in me would like to point out to the owners of Asian take out restaurants everywhere, that 1/16th of a head of iceberg lettuce covered in a sauce resembling vegetable oil that once lived in a near empty jar of mayonnaise...

is not a salad.

This would have been a real post however Jay just called and he's broken the roll up door to the new office.

Thank God. I've had nothing to do since 11:00 and have been pushing the same three papers around my desk all afternoon. My Google reader has ZERO blog posts to read.

Somebody post something while I go play hero.


fiwa said...

Amen. It's such a waste.
General Tao's is my favorite chinese food. I knew I liked you for some reason. ;)

Hope the afternoon was a little more exciting.

love you!

Kathy said...

It HAS been awfully quiet today. Was it something I said? :) Just came back from a lovely dinner with my hub at The Tomato Palace. He had shrimp scampi and I had seafood marinara, we shared a green/gorgonzola salad with walnuts. It was yummy! I don't think I've ever had a salad from an Asian restaurant -- except maybe seaweed salad, but I'll remember what you said.

Gin said...

Mmmmmm General Tao's!! I've been reading blogs just now and there are quite a few who haven't posted today.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love your comments about the lettuce!

I miss Chinese food. Since I developed soy and fish allergies, I'm not allowed to partake. Sigh.

mama llama said...

That salad illustration is so true it's not even funny. That's why I always got such funny faces when I'd bring salad fixings in my bento box to work. Simply not eaten like that there.

Ah...gyoza. I used to fold my own gyoza. That is something I miss...gyoza dunked in soy and rayu sauce. And mine were famously good. And well-folded; I could usually average a seven-fold gyoza! By HAND! Three people I taught with at one of my middle schools in Nakanojo had me over one night in my first year in Japan to teach me to make gyoza, so I learned well.

What memories your post evoked! Thank you for that, Brad! Be well.


HA! you're totally right on the salad thing!!

go HE-MAN GO!! :)

Scarlet said...

I had forgotten about General Tao's chicken. They have the best Chinese restaurant near our old place on Brickell Key, near downtown Miami, and guess who's going there for dinner tonight? Thanks for giving me the craving at 10:23 am!!

Btw, did you ever know that you're my hero? ;)

zirelda said...

You crack me up. :)

Leann said...

Broken doors always rate higher than pushing papers :-)

Ace C said...

Playing hero. Good stuff.