Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nothin much

Miss Lilly & I took the Bearchild for a walk down around his dog run this morning. I took pics of the path covered in all the downed tree limbs but the picture came out looking like piles of sticks. Not too interesting. It's going to take several weekends with the wood chipper to get that in shape. We 'carved' the run out of the woods across the drive way when we moved in. It's not our land but no one ever comes up here so what the hec. The trees looked nice in the fog.

Post walk the kids took a nap. Bear's up and atta 'em now knowing it's Saturday and he doesn't get left behind on Saturdays. We're headed out shortly to meet up with Auntie Fiwa and Auntie Mo. Mo and I are getting our hair 'done', then lunch.

Time to load up the spring loaded puppy and go -


Kathy said...

I love it when cats and dogs (and other animals that usually prey on one another) are so close and loving. Our daughter's dog, Deuce, a large ridgeback, used to sleep with his head across Jezebelle, my crazy, sweet calico. We lost Jessie this year.
Hope Bear enjoyed his outing. Hi to Mo and Fiwa.

fiwa said...

They look so contented together. :)

You need to put up a photo of you with your new sexy haircut!

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys today. Love you to pieces - fiwa

Gin said...

Love the photos. The trees look so ghostly in the fog. I love that look!! And the furkids look pooped out. How fun to have land to walk around on. I miss having land!

Come a pic of the new hair look. Pleeeeaase

Cheryl said...

Great pictures. I want to see you getting your haircut!

fiwa said...

Ladies, kick my butt for not taking "during pictures". I did, however, take several very fetching photos of Brad afterwards with Bear with his own camera. So he has them, he's probably just being coy.

Summer said...

Today was HAIR DAY! We want pictures!

Ace C said...

Looks and feels very peaceful around there.