Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Absolutely Nothing Fabulous

This person sent me a "Friends" request today on Facebook. My first thought was: Oh great, ladies of the evening, just like MySpace. The reason I deleted the account a dear freind set up for me.

Then I looked closer and saw we have 17 friends in common. Apparently I know her. Oops.

I'm told by the resident goat herder that the little one, Bess is pregnant again. These things are baby breeding machines! Bess spent the past few weeks up in the upper goat paddock with Mr. Deeds. We wanted to give the baby Silver Moon time to get a bit bigger before she was around Bess. Bess moved back into the goat barn with Belle & Baby last week. Leaving Mr. Deeds forlorn at the top of the hill. Hopefully this time we'll have a baby billy who can keep him company. Baby Moon goes right up to see Dad when ever we let her out in the yard - very cute.

Another perfect spring day. It's 72* and not a cloud in the sky. I met the data cabling contractor down at the new office this morning and then stopped by McClendon's the local non-big box (yeah!) hardware store in town and bought yet more plants. Strawberries and tomato's, salvia and lobelia. It's all going in the perennial border mixed in with the flowering plants. I'm forsaking vegetable gardens with nice neat rows and going for the overgrown look. I really need to get busy with what I've already got at home instead of buying more. I'm really feeling the old "make hay in the sunshine" thing. I suppose I should set some goals on what I want to get done by the end of the week. Get the beds done this week and then have time for the containers on the porch this weekend.

On the way back to the office I was listening to a very interesting interview on NPR. The guest, Joel Berg was making the point that we have a multitude of state and federal agencies overseeing food programs in the schools. One of his points was that if we eliminated these redundant functions we could feed all of the children in public schools regardless of their economic status. Another point was that if we reduced or eliminated the bureaucracy that's in place to prevent food stamp abuse it would more than pay for that program as well. I don't know where he got all his data or how valid his numbers were but it was pretty thought provoking stuff.

It's too nice to be inside. I think I'll forward the office phones out to my cell and go get lost for a little while. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this:

Don't kiss your hunny,
When your nose is runny,
You make think it's funny,
But it's s-not.



Kathy said...

1. I'm glad you didn't get the explanations of the two photos mixed up!
2. I can't wait to find out what she thinks when she discovers you thought she was a hooker!
3. The garden plans sound great -- can't wait to see photos.
4. How long do goats gestate?
5. Great idea about lessening redundancy and feeding more kids!

meno said...

Looks like Mr. Deeds did the deed indeed.

I heard that interview too. Probably makes too much sense to actually happen.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I've been reading a blog for quite some time now that I think you may find interesting in a goatie sort of way. She's a writer and has moved back to her roots and is starting a little farm. She has goats among other things and a lot of what she's finding out about them may interest you. (she's a novice) You may have to get a whether (fixed male) for Mr. Deeds because goats are such social animals they really do get lonely being alone....that's an example of some of the info. She also just went through losing a young male goat to unknown causes and tells of what all they went through to find a knowledgeable vet in her area during a holiday....and what medicines you should have on hand in case of an emergency. Having a farm is scary at times.
Go to my blog and grab the link to her blog there if you want to read it. Its called CHICKENS IN THE ROAD.
I've missed you!! xxoo

desert dirt diva said...

your goats and baby are just so adorable!!!!

The school program you speak of is already is in place at our school, it does not matter what you make \or don't make, every child in our school gets a free lunch, unless of course you bring one.. and it works very well....its heart breaking when a child tells you of stories were there will be no birthday christmas presents ect. or food because they have no money... so at least I no they will have 2 hot meals...maybe not the best food , but food non the less!!!!

Dear Liza said...

Your goats are so damned cute.

I haven't heard that "poem" since I was little, my mom used to say it all the time.

Happy Humpday Mr Brad.


Boxer said...

That is a great picture of the goats. I like the angle and the expressions on their faces.

Boo! Rain has returned, but maybe they will water all of your hard work.

McLendons? LOVE.IT. Especially that big one in your neck of the woods.

Jay said...

There's really no reason that we can't provide breakfast and lunch to every kid in school. It's just that we don't want to. We have other, more important priorities ya know.

Hello Brad's friend on the motorcycle ... how YOU doin'? ;-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Rowr...somebody has a big motorcycle! ;)

Congrats on the baby!

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