Friday, April 24, 2009

You Gotta Wonder...

I'm used to people thinking I'm weird. I give them plenty of reasons.

I bought a floor lamp last Sunday for the living room. It's a Japanese lantern style with the white paper shades. The thing is 10" x 10" square and 56" tall, comes up to about my shoulder. It's sat in the living room all week. Jay has sat next to it and never noticed it. Do you think my living room might be over crowded with 'stuff'? I love stuff like this. I'm not saying a word until he spots it.

Here's a map of the old home town. The new office is located just to the left of the red dot. It's next to a place called Fort Dent. It was a was a blockhouse built on the orders of Territorial Governor in 1860 during the "Indian Troubles" It's located at the confluences of what used to be the Black River and the Green River (yes, the infamous Green River of the killer) It's at this spot that the two rivers merged and became the Duwamish River that flows into downtown Seattle. Here's what bugs me (refer to map when needed) At the turn of the last century Lake Washington (the body of water with Mercer Island in the middle) was lowered to sea level by opening the Montlake Cut. (just above the two 'T's in the word Seattle on the map) This dried up the Black River that used to flow out of the south end of the lake so it no longer joins the Green River.

What I want to know is who is the one that comes up with river naming conventions? If the Black River no longer meets the Green River, how does it then become the Duwamish? Isn't it just the Green River all the way into town?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

By the way, locals...A piece or two of the Black River still exist as some sort of orphaned ponds. The Black River Riparian Forest is a GREAT place to spot Herons and Hawks, the occasional Eagle and their dinner, bunnies. Good trails to hike.

I did a good job of getting all my plants planted this week. Well, that is except for 20 hostas and 10 ferns, and the new load I just bought this morning. I know I'm out of control but it will keep me out of the pool halls.

Have a great weekend!



Kathy said...

The map really helped -- thanks. Did they name it after the native tribes, maybe? Can you see water from your house?
Shall we start a betting pool about when Jay will notice the lamp?

Kathy said...

PS I'll use that same excuse to the husband about plant buying keeping me out of the pool house!

meno said...

I'm waiting for the husband to notice that i shaved my...oh never mind.

Obviously he doesn't care about the shrubbery as much as you do.


Smocha said...

Well, have you been partying with Soul? LOL

I know what riparian rights are. figaro, figaro,figaro, can I have a cigarette?

Am I insane yet?

Luv me


I like the way you think..I think the stars have us linked by our quirky ways..if only distance was shorter, I'd love to spend time hanging around that lamp. I'd even clean and organize your office for you. :)

Have a great weekend back. :)

your "lil sis,"

SOUL: said...

i was just gonna come and give you a big hug and hello and goodbye before i ran out on ya for a week--- but then i after i read your post i was gonna tell ya i used to hang out in those joints too--then i was gonna challenge ya to a game of 8 ball-- if or when we ever ended up in the same town some time.
but then... i saw smochas comment-- and she beat me to it-- blabbermouth.
she's always tellin my tales before i can.
did i ever tell you about the time i had to-- oh never mind--- she'd kill me if i told. haha.

have a happy weekend-- and let the plants rest a while -- go shoot some pool for's been way to long for me.

so they still make "neer beer?"
laterz hunny

SOUL: said...

did i tell you i lived right on the green river? right in his hay day? tokwanda? is that the place? there's a big ole horse track there whatever is called. hell i can't remember --but it's somethin like that and the river ran right behind us. i was 14. and scared shitless...
i see kent-- i lived there too.
anyhow-- i better go-

SOUL: said...

i couldn't rest til i got it right--- i just moved too much in this life--- it was Tukwila, washington. phew. now i fee bettah. don't you?
ever been there? i bet it's changed a lot since i been there.
anyhow- g'night again

zirelda said...

Yep, stay out of the pool halls.

It's been icky weather here on the weekends for the past month. Last Sunday we actually got out and cleaned the garden and then it was 80 degrees every day till today when another front is moving in. Ha!

I'll wait to plant I guess.

Leann said...

Visual, visual, visual. That helps bunches!! Did you get the lamp at Ikea?? Love Ikea!!

Cheryl said...

I wanna plant but I can't. I wanna visit too.

Dear Liza said...

LOL at meno...

I love your posts, a continual surprise. Thanks for the geography lesson, I have never been anywhere near there, so this helped.

I had to laugh at the lamp and jay, that would be the exact way it would play out in this house, but Mark would NEVER notice.

Hugs. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


happyone said...

That's funny about the lamp!
It made me think about the leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story! :-)

fiwa said...

Heehee... I'm still snickering about meno's comment. :)

I think my man and your man must be long lost brothers, really. Don't tell him - if he never notices - you don't have to own up to the $!!

Isn't there some really long trail by that fort? I could google it but I'm too lazy. I didn't know about the Black River Riparian Forest - thanks for that tip. It makes me think of Hyacinth and Riparian Entertainment!

love you. We need to get together soon -it's been way too long.

Boxer said...

I go my hair cut last week and Mr. Boxer took 4 hours to notice.

I got bangs.

anyhoo, I no longer "allow" myself to buy more plants than I can plant in one day. So, I can only fill the back seat of the car. That's my limit. But it was a good weekend for yard work, so I hope you had a fun and productive time outside.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm going next weekend to stock up on annuals! I can't wait!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm going next weekend to stock up on annuals! I can't wait!

sexy said...


Ace C said...

That was a very informative blog posting buddy.

Ace C said...

Where is the picture of the lamp.